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Friday, November 12, 2004

Don't Drink the Water & Confessions of a Functioning Alcoholic

I must confess ...yesterday was the 3rd time this week I've returned to work after lunch ...Intoxicated. I believe I am, quite possibly, the only truly functioning alcoholic I know. It's just so much clearer after a few drinks. Like viewing the world in technicolor after all those years in black and white (ok ..not so many years!) But what was I thinking ...Honestly ...Never drink the water in a mexican resterant ...IT'S NOT WATER! I became so delusional I began to fantasize about men! To set the record straight I am clearly heterosexual ...I was married twice in 10 years. However, I rarely fantasize about men! They consume to much of my time in the real world. I was a little disappointed to read what happened in Mexico yesterday. ..and I was hoping for so much more.


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