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Friday, December 03, 2004

Don't Shoot

Although my week-end may not have been as "full-filling" as my counterpart I had some real excitement as well! Saturday morning 6am I awoke and put every article of clothing I own on. Opening Day ...Deer Season! I was pretty excited to get to go with the big boys ...if you saw little me in the midst of all those carhartt overalls and shotguns you would have surely laughed ...my gun ..although a youth model ...was bigger than I was and the only visible skin was my eyes. I was off to conquer the wild. Now the trip into the woods was pretty fun ...I liked the way the pick up bounced around ...I felt like we were really roughing it. However, the tree stand was a little frightening. If you've never seen one of these contraptions you can not comprehend ...and this backwards girl had some difficulty walking this thing up the tree. Up Up Up and Away ..higher he yelled ...At 6 feet off the ground I knew I had topped out! So ..there I sat. A hunter ...waitting for the hunted. I commanded my post 3 hours without seeing a single solitary deer. Alone in the woods ...or so I thought. It wasn't until the first shot was fired that I realized we had more company than we thought. I was okay up until this point ..and although I was really trying to impress the boys with my hunting skills ...something else had taken over ...fear!! I stood up in my stand waving my orange gloves wildly and unzipping my own carhartt so you could see the orange fleece beneath ...DON'T SHOOT, I pleaded!! ..and in an instant I was reduced back to ..just a girl. However, I was not done there. After leaving the wheat field I was camped in I was a little disappointed that I had not been able to shoot anything. After sensing my disappointment ...I was given the opportunity to fire live ammo from the hood of a pickup ...BIG MISTAKE! I don't know where I went wrong ...but what started out to be a hunting trip turned out to be an expensive trip to the body man. I wasn't aiming for the truck, just somehow managed to fire that first shot into the hood ...Maybe next year.


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