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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hey Bidder Bidder

I love Ebay ...I think I'm addicted to ebay ...even though I've never had a positive experience and am strictly forbode by "the man" to go back there ...I keep returning! It's ...exciting to me ...so much merchandise in one place ...and the best part is ...you don't have to pay to play! Well ..not right away anyway. As Americans ...anything we can postpone payment on ...Is worth buying! Right?

My first ebay experience was fairly disappointing. I had been searching for the old tupperware stencils that I had as a child. The ones that kept me busy for hours on end and created every greeting card I sent from Kiddie-garden to Jr.High! I thought my neice should have the same experience and I knew she would love them. I searched for a year and finally ...there they were ...Good ol' Ebay! I bid ...what I thought was a modest amount and logged off. Some creepy old chick must have bid a billion and 2 dollars (as opposed to my billion). So off I go ..in search of more stencils ...but this time ...NO ONE WILL OUT BID ME ...Do I hear a million, 3? Why yes I do ...6 times! I bid on every set of tupperware stencils ebay offered up ....I was so excited to receive my 1st email saying I had one ...my first winning bid ...but the excitement did not stop there ...I continued to receive emails through out the day ...I one enough stencils for every kid in my family ..only there was one problem ...I didn't WIN them ...I still have to pay. YIKES! Fortunately, for me, the man worked overtime that weekend ...all morning in the cold wet rain so I could save face in the virtual world. My hero... HA! After that I was strictly forbidden ...kicked off the auction block. That was the deal ...he'd pay my debt if I promised not to go back ...okay ...sounded good at the time.

So ..last week ebay sent an invite to come and shop awhile ...How could I say no ..it was a personal evite ..right? ...but I didn't have a whole lot of time to shop around ...I knew I needed to buy momma tennis shoes for Christmas ...so I went straight to the athletic section. There they were ...brand new nikes for $5 ...WHAT! That's a great deal ...and I can defer the payment for 2 whole days. Count me in ..max bid $10. I was proud as a peacock. I WON I WON! I won freakin' used tennie's ...Who gives used tennies for Christmas. Did the wisemen smoke the muhr and bestow ashes upon the newborn ...NO! So here I am ...on an already tight budget and now I've spent $15 (add shipping) on used tennies. What to do? what to do?

to be cont'd....


  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger Ian said…

    ebay is amazing: Now you can get America's first SmartCar too [though only if you have $13,000] But still...

    besides, ebay also has some really great advertisements like the little kid who loses his toy boat and then 30 years later buys it from a fisherman who's pulled it up.. brilliant.

  • At 1:16 AM, Blogger annette said…

    I keep searching for "Daisy Dog's Wake Up Book" ... No luck though. :(

    Also, where is your wish list, I keep searching but can't find it; am I blind?

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