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Friday, December 03, 2004

If I had a wish....

I wish I was more computer saavy and could link up our blogs ...but ...I'm not so I'll try to explain myself. Someone out there in the virtual world had the fabulous idea to post our wish lists! YIPPPEEE ...she said we could all work together to make wishes come true ...In addition she wants us to "spread some holiday cheer" by doing good things for each other in the blog community. I believe her thinking was ..that maybe we didn't have to spend $$ but if we had something we didn't use or want we could pass it on ...NEAT -O! ...and let's face it ..some of us just have more resources! So here goes...

1. I want to be somebody else. ...Make no mistake ...I love me ...but I'd like to trade places with someone in a different situation than my own ...there are so many less fortunate children in the world ...I'd like to give that little kiddo all my Christmas presents ...and walk in his bare feet for one day ...just cause we all need to have a reminder sometimes.

2. I'd like to have $500 to replace my front door I assaulted 3 months ago. You see, I have a giving loving heart but a temper like a 2 year old with the strength of a wrestler ...dont know where all the rage or strength comes from ...just shows up out of the blue. So while I was throwing the kiddie fit the man thought it would be better if the temper flared on the outside of the house as opposed to the inside ..big mistake!! LOL ...from a distance ...it just looks frosted!

3. I wish for Ciao! My Bella to rescue this lifeless blog!

4. Vin Diesel to sneak into my bedroom and whisk me away like peter pan ...though I'd settle for a romp in the floor;)

5. hmmm...let me think

..this is a work in progress..


  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Jim Cota said…

    Lily, my four-year-old daughter asked my wife for some change yesterday to make a wish in a small fountain. Char gave her a dime. Lily held the dime over the fountain and said, "I wish... I wish I was Strawberry Shortcake!" In went the dime.

    Both your "posted by" and your number one item on the wish list made it impossible for me not to respond... I'll let you know how her wish turns out.

    Thanks, by the way, for commenting on my blog.

    Be well... /Jim

  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    awwww ...that's so sweet. I guess dad's on a mission to find this little dolly a strawberry shortcake costume for Christmas? hee hee hee ...and wal-mart is even selling strawberry shortcake tents! How cool!

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