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Friday, December 10, 2004

Partners in Crime-The Adventures of RB & SS

...Every 6 weeks I travel home to "a particular state" because there is only one beautician in the world who knows how to tye dye hair. ...but the best part of my trip is seeing RB and last night was no exception. After my 2 hour tour at the salon we met at Mexico for a meet and greet ...mostly drinks. She's my best good friend ...there's no one in the world like her and just seeing her makes my life more bearable ...mostly cause I know her sucks even worse than mine! LOL ...we sat there reminescing of gay clubs (not sucky gay ...but real gay boy meets boy clubs)and being drugged ....though we still haven't figured that out (another blog, another day) ...then my mine drifted away to the good ol' days of dancing and drive-ins ...and since we're pretty much barred (by the boys) from the only hot spot in town ...we opted for the ...though once thriving but now abandoned drive in ...where we shook our "plush" a**es to every 80's song we know (in the mud, mind you) ...and after studying one anothers dance moves ...wondered if we were ever as cool as we once thought. ...we have no moves, no rhythm and discovered we do not know one complete song! As that grew less and less appealing we craved more excitement (as if that wasn't enough?) so ...to leave our mark on the world ...we spray painted a building ...though not pre-meditated worked out nicely ...we were just going to sign our name and slogan (take it to da house ...again ...another blog) ...but there before us ...sat a forgotton paint can. ...RB went to work! YEEE-HAWWWL ..this is fun! Of course, after that, our night at the Roxbury was over ...we had to abandon ship ...though not being the stealthiest criminals ...left the evidence behind ..bad move. ...After that ...we were headed home ...but someone had left orange cones in the middle of the road ...strange ...hmmm "Stop this bus ...I need some cones" ...bright idea ...but now what ...hmmm ...and there before me ...an ex's house ...how convenient ...he won't need to get out in the morning ...let's do a little construction right here! Left the cones and we were on the move ...What 20 something women will do to relive their youth. What's the craziest thing you and your buds ever did?


  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger kj4ever said…

    My friends and I were arrested earlier this year for TP'ing one of their bosses house. They have what is called a "zero tolerance" rule for such things, and when I wrote about it on my blog I also learned that we are now considered "domestic terrorists" by Homeland Security.

    It may not see all that crazy, but considering we are in our early 30's it kind of is. lol

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Rainbow-Bright said…

    "Domestic Terrorist??" That is crazy! I bet you all had a blast doing it. When SS posted us as "twenty-something's" I had to laugh because she hasn't quite accepted that we are a sneeze away from 30 and "twenty-something" sounds like we are newbie club-hoppin girls, when in fact, our table-dancing days are all but over! LOL!!! BTW, we read you every day and only hope to be half the hot spot you are one day!

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