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Thursday, January 06, 2005


I'm a little concerned today. Yesterday during my "down time" I took an online survey which informed me I am 48% white trash redneck. ...Pardon? Moi? Me? Redneck? I was very put out by this and chalked it up to "bogus survey". ...that was until I drove home last night ...when I realized the trucker beside me was annoyed by the sound coming from my hood ...it caused me to start thinking a little more about things. ...The poo really hit the fan when I pulled up to my house ...where I realized I still have t.p. hanging from my trees ...this was a Christmas gift left for me from vandels that visited waaaaay before Christmas. I made excuses (as usual) and reminded myself how wet and rainy it had been ...how could anyone expect me to pick wet tp out of the trees. I continued up the drive and saw the first thing that greets our visitors ...a big green dumpster ...again ...we are constructing a new house ...a dumpster comes in handy ...it's excusable ....by the time I got in the door ...I really had to pee ...We live so far in the middle of no where my drive home takes an hour ...this is when reality hit ...I walked into my bathroom and realized I have a couch and loveseat sitting on their side in there ...I was saving it for the day I ditch the man and leave him with nothing ...he'll need something to sleep, eat and watch tv on. I'm not totally ruthless ..just redneck

I do not recommend taking this survey ...brings about way to much over-analysation (sp?) ...but maybe it would console to know others share my white trash ways?


  • At 4:54 PM, Blogger Rainbow-Bright said…

    Well there was that one time, in Waffle House at 5am when we were called "white trash"...remember that? Us, WTF???? Maybe that is why the guy bought all 7 of us breakfast that morning and every other morning that we ended up there after our nights out.


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