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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Big Easy

The Big Easy (that's my title, not me!) Last tuesday I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to head down south for some "dixie delight" ( a.k.a food and spirits!) We left our sleepy little town at 4am (4 Freakin' AM People!) I packed enough (in one huge case) for all 8 of you to go with -it ws kind of fun to watch the rockstar try to lug that around all week! hee hee hee! I was so super psyched ..there was no sleeping for me (on the way there) I was ready to party redneck style! By noon we had stopped for breakfast and had some mighty fine refreshments in the truck (not the driver, though! Poor rockstar...) By 2:00 I realized we must be getting close ...I think the gator at the rest stop gave it away ....But Alabama is a Hellava long state. At 5:30 (after, sadly, passing the Memphis exit) we arrived in Biloxi, MS ...this was commical in itself ...being from the south (GA) and raised up in Ky I imagined that I must be the countriest talkin' redneck around ...not true ...these folks got us beat up! The 1st night there ...I ate my weight in crab claws at the Boomtown Casino (R.B. will post pic tomorrow) and rested up for my big bike trip!! Wednesday morning (4am, WTF) I awoke to coon-hounds seranading me outside the window ...This was an authentic trip, I was livin' like a local;) These puppies sang for 10 minutes, me starring lividly out the window all the while. Effing dogs... gotta love a good coon hound. The rockstar and I got up and took a shower in what was quite possibly the dingiest tub I've ever been in ...and we were gone again. This time we took out the super cool fast bike and traveled down the coast to Gulf Port and Long Beach, MS ...This place is gorgeous! I've never been anywhere that the beaches weren't polluted with hotels and casinos. They had the most awesome antebellum homes I have ever scene ...very quaint homes with a tremendous amount of detail in every nook and cranny (lots of nooks too!) We made our way down to the shrimp boats and pulled in ...because I LOVE BOATS AND WATER! Two "shrimpers" stopped us cause they liked the rockstars bike ...I LIKED THEIR BOAT! ...and so there I am ...steering a real shrimpboat! Did you know you can buy a shrimpboat for as little as 30 thousand? The rest of the day was spent in casinos, bars and dirty diners. Wed. night we met up with some local bikers (not burly drug lord bikers, dentists bikers!) and went down to "the daiq shack" (local hangout) for some drinks and then over to "Famous Joes" for oysters and bike night (our suzuki looked funny rubbing fenders with Harleys!) I ATE AN OYSTER! Just one! Wasn't bad, but I don't think I'll be ordering a whole plate as our new friends did! I'm still not sure what they taste like ...mine tasted mostly like cocktail sauce and horseradish;) This is Wed. and we are down $100.

Thursday, I could tell you ...if I could remember ...ding dang bikers. Did ya'll know a blunt is
T h i s L o n g
...and that's what I learned in Biloxi! I also learned (from a trip to Biloxi's aquarium) that when SeaHorses mate they keep that mate thru an entire mating season and that the male fertilizes the egg in the female and then she rubs her belly on his and gives all the fertilized eggs back to him... True stuff! ...Thursday night we went to the local "moose lodge" ...this is a private club (for those who don't know) and it's not your typical "posh posh private club" neither. This is the way southerners do it! The wonderful folks we stayed with were in a dart tournament here and wanted to "show off" a little talent ...i have to say the thing I enjoyed most were the $2 margaritas ...and they didn't skip nothin' either ...I was D-runk by the time the school called and said my daughter had had a skiing accident (school field trip) Don't you know I sunk down in my chair and felt like a worthless drunk momma 800 miles away from home ...rockstars mom saved the day and took momma's girl to E.R. Seems my little burton brat tried to show off a little herself and tore some tendons/ligaments and will be in a brace for 6-8 weeks ...poor dolly:(

Friday ws my BIG DAY! We traveled across the Ponchatran (sp?) to New Orleans. That is one ...BOMBACIOUS (for lack of better word) bridge! Wow! It has to be 7 miles long with water all around ...Beautiful sight for sure ...I loved N.O. Upon arriving in the city the smell of cajun food and the sound of jazz excited all my senses! ..little streets with "frenchy" terraces ...little ol' black men playing when the saints go marching on big gold horns ..Jazzy jazzy, this was the place for me! Our big redneck truck was a little much for the streets so we ditched it right away and set out to see the sites! Our first stop was "JamBOlayas" where their waiter pulled us in off the street for "authentic LA. cookin" and the spiciest bloody mary I've ever poured across my toungue ...i liked the look of the place ..mirrors on every wall (ohh la la!) We toured around the city in and out of shops till we came to one of the top 5 aquariums in the US!!! We had to go in BECAUSE I LOVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WATER!!! It was fascinating ...I've always wanted to go to a big aquarium my whole life and that wish was fulfilled on this trip! We ended up at Pat O'Briens piano bar ...and if you ever get a chance to go do not pass it up ...these 2 ladies had some real talent and belted out every show tune I could come up with while playing the keys like nothing i'd ever heard before ...I was star struck ...we stayed there for at least 6 hours ...it doesn't take long till those hurricanes (slurricanes) hit you ...the bathroom attendant (Monica, love you sister!) knew me well ...so well, I started carting her drinks to the bathroom! LOL! I get drunk AND SOCIABLE! What can I say! She alerted me when it was 4 oclock ( i thought it surely must be 10 by now) and suggested I slow down ...NOT ME! I'M ON VACATION!! WHOOO HOOO! By 6oclock I had met the girls at the table behind me and we were a nuisance to the whole bar ...They suggested we try out some of the other bars (lost track of time now) so I followed them out ...not before buying 2 Patty glasses to take back home ...them bad girls got us drunk and stole our glasses ...BAH-HUMP-Bug! BAD GIRLS! ...and don't try to make them eyes at me again. hmmp! The rockstar and I decided our fun filled day was over (once our glasses) were gone and tried to find the truck ...but not before a palm reading ...freaky stuff ..she said to tell all of you to stop reading this trash and get back to work!

boss coming. gtg. brb.


  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger John Q. Public esq. said…

    ok, time for the naked pics and dirty stories...

    and please tell me you went other places than there, my god, their are some many good place to drink and some much good fooD!


  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Winning Loser said…

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great time. I am jealous. I have been sick and haven't had any good fun in weeks.

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    ...hmmp ...don't be jealous of me ...i threw up in a garbage can on bourbon street ...I left that part out intentionally ..if that lady had been a real psychic she would'a seen that coming;)

  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Winning Loser said…

    Yes, but atleast yours was selfinduced. Therefore you were kinda in control of it. I wish it was that way for me. Still, glad you had a great time, and glad you are back showing us your sexy tummy.

  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger Master Foley said…

    god you are such a whore manley.
    SS i think the palm reader was just sparing you. no one wants to know they are gonna throw up. hehe

    i so need to go to Nawlens

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger Winning Loser said…

    You're a bigger whore 'an me, buddy.

  • At 4:57 PM, Blogger ananonymousgirl said…

    You are both whores...which I like so come and get me! And bring that sexy tummy showing little kitty with you! You can pick up the sexy bright kitty on the way!

    Great story SS! MORE! MORE! MORE! And more pics too...

    Show us some skin!

  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger twisted said…

    You puked in a trash can on bourbon street!! Woohoo!! That would have been the highlight of my vacation! lol

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