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Monday, February 28, 2005

Old People

Old people are funny ...Every Sunday I have the funniest little man and woman sit behind me at church ...you never know what they will talk about (I don't think they realize how loud they are) or how they think it is ok to "break wind" (as they call it) during service. Sunday was birthday day at our church. I'm not sure I understand the concept but if you have a birthday during the month of Feb. you are supposed to walk to the front of the church during the appointed time and put whatever change you have in your pocket in this little while church piggy bank ...then everyone does this cult like chant about your circle-ing the sun and waitting for the day you celebrate your b-day in Heaven ...very bizarre ..it's like you're offering God 53 cents for another year "Thanks Man, It's been real...

Anyway, apparently it was the old mans b-day ..the conversation went something like this:

Old man: Won't you take this change up thar' for me (jiggles what sounded like 36 cents)

Old woman: Hmmp ...I ain'ta takin' it for you ...you didn't take mine for me

Old man: Ain't that sorry ...I can't even walk today

Old woman: You ain't seen my ankle have ye'

Old man: Aww forget it ..it ain' worth another year here with you anyway...

Poor fella...


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