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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mr. "Not So" Wonderful

Mr. "Not So" Wonderful is NOT AT IT AGAIN! I love my rockstar with all my heart and soul ...so much it disgusts me on the inside ...but he is a lazy S.O.B. I'm sure you all know, as women, we exxagerate ...and when we say "I can't get him to do anything" ...that often means that we are working him like a dog from sun-up to sun-down and get upset because he's taken a beer break or flat past out from exhaution ...but when I say "I can't get anything" ...I MEAN IT! I am very particular about my home, I like things to like ...ummm ..Southern Living;) ...and, although i hate to admit it, the only Southern in our home is me. My rockstar boyfriend, although usually, very affectionate ..is L-A-Z-Y. He built our cabin from scratch ...or at least "started building" 5 YEARS AGO ...AND IT IS STILL NOT DONE! We've had an "uninstalled"dishwasher for 3 months, wood has been in my bathroom for a year waitting to be put around a jacuzzi tub, I still don't have a yard ...although, he did say he looked for flowers for me while he was out riding his bike this week ....I DON'T WANT ANY EFFING FLOWERS UNLESS THEY ARE IN MY WELL LANDSCAPED YARD! ...the list goes on and on of things that never get done. He's a super great guy. Very loving and he keeps me laughing ...when im not totally p'o'ed about the house ...but I WANT OUR HOME DONE and I LOVE HIM BETTER THAN CAT LOVES CREAM;) How can you love and dislike someone so much at the same time? We really have an awesome life together ...and are totally blessed with wonderful family and friends and ...generally just get to do a lot of cool stuff together ...but the house is causing some serious issues. ...like this one for instance:

I'm pretty sure I'm developing a crush on my boss ...not because he is super hot or anything ...and not everyday ...just pretty much the days he is not being an a** ...because on the days he is not ..he's a pretty smooth fella;) I mean, ..no worries or anything ...he's totally married ..for like EVER ...and very dedicated to this girl (COMMITTED TO GIRL, HUGE TURN ON!) ...not to mention, affairs with married men ...ARE TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME and I LOVE MY ROCKSTAR BETTER THAN CAT LOVES CREAM!!! ...but ...he is such a motivated guy (NOTE TO ALL MEN: MOTIVATION IS A HUGE TURN ON!!!) He is a real go-getter and handy in the house ...from what I gather ...she loves him and runs on the treadmill (to keep her in shape for him, of course) in exchange for: Dinner, laundry, car detailing, trash pickup, landscaping, what i'm sure is awesome sex (he works out) and gratuities. I mean he does everything ...with zero complaints. ahhhhh ...what a guy. ...But ...my rockstar sure does love me good and ...for the first time ever I am totally trusting and loving him back.


  • At 1:18 PM, Blogger Master Foley said…

    LOL he is motivated to get a beer
    you know sometimes guys dont like to be nagged. a couple of hints and let him figure it out on his own. postive encouragment is good too. think dog and what you have to do to train them

  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    ...been there, done that. I've tried positve encouragement, reverse psychology, withholding sex, freely giving sex, b.j's and anal sex ...HAVE DONE IT ALL, AM AT WITS END. ...I'm on strike now, I have nothing to offer him unless he contributes something ..so far, "subject seems unaffected"

    However, agree that I have become a nagging B'Yotch and very much dislike me because of it.

  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger Fishman said…

    Motivation? What the heck is that? I feel pretty motivated to give up on women after that one LOL .. I love him, but HEY, I love my boss too. Wait, yeah, i love rockstar .. but if you want to make a million dollars, I'll have a crush on you but won't be iwth you cause you're married. LOLOLOL .. Shortcake, you drinking Tequilla at work again?

  • At 7:48 AM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    How do you think i stay sane?

  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger ananonymousgirl said…

    SS - This is among one of the many reasons that I am divorced. It's difficult to maintain a relationship when certain things are all one-sided. Of course my ex had LOADS of extra "issues", but he was one lazy bastard.

    As for crushing on your boss, I can understand the attraction. He is as committed to his girl as his girl is to him...which is what attracts you in the first place. When you are truly committed to each other, you WANT to do things for the other person...even if it's just the day to day mundane things in life.

    No offense Fishman, but you are full of shit! Men look at other women, just as women look at other men. Don't be so holier than thou just because she was being upfront about it.

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