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Friday, April 22, 2005


Just when I wonder if my life can get any cooler ...IT DOES! It looks like I have been invited to a bachelorette party in MEMPHIS!! (they probably want me to strip or something) MEMPHIS PEOPLE!!! This is way to cool for me. Everyone knows you have to party in memphis at least once ...I'm SO SUPER PSYCHED about this trip. A road trip TO MEMPHIS ...with a truckload of girls! This will be commical I'm sure! I hope Rainbow can go. Now ...oh what will I wear (or not wear!!) I can't wait to go. It's not until June 18th so we have plenty of time to find the perfect "boogie shoes" ..AHHHH I LOVE THE NIGHT LIFE!

**On a side note** I was pulled over this morning by "a law enforcement officer" ...doing 70 in a 45! LOL, I hadn't even made it through town yet! As soon as I passed him I parked and waitted for him to register what just happened ...there was like a 3 second delay in the time that I blew by and parked and he turned on his lights to come after me. I had to laugh. At one point in my life I had so many speeding tickets the state of Ky was trying to take my license back ...HMMP! INDIAN GIVER! ...but I haven't had a ticket in years. So ...it took me back this morning. Our conversation was a bit interesting ...that and we were in the middle of the country ...not a soul around at 6:30 this morn ...When he explained to me that it was his birthday I just knew what was coming next ...I was going to have to give this man a "birthday blow job" to get out of this ...I was a little shocked when he said "and since it's my birthday I'm going to let you go with a warning" WOW! DARN THE LUCK OF SOME PEOPLE (...don't hate!) Be happy for me ...I'm a single mom (again!) I can't afford a ticket ...and at that rate of speed he could have hauled my moon pie to jail! ...I was a little disappointed that I didn't remember to take his pic with my handy cam to post *Here* for you ...he was kind of cute ...and smelled, oddly, of vegtable oil;)


  • At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Master Foley said…

    vegie oil huh.
    sure you didnt give him something else for his birthday?
    like maybe a little apple bottom?

  • At 9:58 AM, Blogger Fishman said…

    Oh good god ... I'm never going to be able to use vegetable oil again my entire life. Is there such a thing as a carniovrian? Hey, shortcake, slow down!!

  • At 5:51 PM, Blogger ananonymousgirl said…

    Has anyone thought of using virgin olive oil?

    **groan** My bad...sorry :)

    But hey, kudos for no ticket! I swear they lie in wait for me to scream by! Yet, I'm thinking a little birthday nookie with a cute guy in uniform could be rather fun!

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  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger SinfulPhotos.com said…

    I had a great time when I was there and I enjoyed the night life. But then I had to go home to South Beach Florida, and that night life is killer. From the time the sun sets, to the time the sun rises. Now I am in Mexico, and the night life here is also great. Enjoy your self, and make sure that everyone around you enjoyes them selves also.

  • At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Bathroom Reading said…

    As someone who grew up in Memphis, I can only say, "huh?"

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