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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


...anything has got to be better than Monday. Yesterday morning I woke up so exhausted I took:

2 excedrine (for the hangover and caffiene boost)
Levelle (for my cold and legal ephedra)
2 Hydroxy cuts (for this fabulous bod I have not and ...again ..legal ephedra)
and 14 dr. pepper (because I wanted them!)

And after smoking my mid morning crack -I WAS WIRED! by noon, my nerves were so nervous I had wore myself out and had to take a nap;)

Week-end Recap:

Friday Morn I played hookie (not hooker, that was last friday;) and loaded up all 10 kiddos in the mini bus for a road trip!! Okay, not really a road trip ...we drove 45 mins. to meet rainbow bright and her family at KY Kingdom/Six Flags. After spending $60 on a picnic lunch we were in (no wonder boys never want to take us on picnics -too many dollars!) We had a good day full of whining, crying and sweaty underpits (for me anyway, I underestimated the temp -by 40 degrees) We saw the "Eric Houdini Show" ...I somehow ended up on stage where he tried to cut my head off and accidentally took by bra off instead ...I knew I shouldn't have worn the studded leather ...I think it was a bit much for such a G-Rated show. It was good to just hang out with the kids and r.b. (I love that girl!!) ...and I love our kids. It's sad to watch them all growing up, but it's neat to see the wonderful people they are turning into. We are very blessed.

Friday night I drove an hour in the opposite direction to drop my load of joy (hmm ...maybe you boys are thinking that could mean something besides my truck full of kiddo's) at my momma's house ..and I would like to say here "thank goodness for moms" -I NEEDED A DRINK! Turned around and drove a very fast hour back to Louisville to meet rockstar at comedy caravan for drinks -and a "hypnotic show' -I was more mesmorized by the drinks;) Heres where things get interesting. Being raised a by a very very conservative family -okay ...prejudice family. I have never been attracted to black men. Not that I am prejudice myself ..because I am so not and it infuriates me that my family members are. ...but it was just not a road that I journeyed. Never really even thought about it ...we all have certain tastes and ...mine was just not chocolate. However, I am quite certain I have been infected with JUNGLE FEVER! OH SISTER, let me tell you there was one fine speciMAN of a black fella at this place ...just cut up and chisled out and had the personality of a true playa' (girls, you know you like them!) The hypnotist asked him to "perform" on stage as if he were in an adult film ...this man ...made my mouth water and left me aching for more. ...I'm quite certain I could have boogied with him all night long (and long it was) YES'A ...He was one HOT BROTHER! ...and you know the rockstar has not let me live it down;)

What's your flavor?


  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger Rainbow-Bright said…

    It was fun playing hookie...even if it was with a bunch of kids at an amusement park instead in the hot tub at a hotel. I'm up for our next trip already...to drop the kiddos off! LOL

    Jungle Fever? No, haven't experienced that yet but the scene you describe with porn involved would have definitely got me hot for him as well. Sounds like fun!

  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Master Foley said…

    or maybe a little strawberry

  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    hmmm ...sounds like you're trying to "dip" a strawberrie now;)

    I love you Master!

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