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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Saturday evening ...after I could walk again (*see yesterdays post) some friends called and invited me to a night out with the girls. Now ..before you go picturing wild women dancing on bar tops and consuming every drop of alcohol they can get their lips on ...let me give you the scenerio;) They called to ask if I would like to BINGO! HA! We're "twenty something" hot chicks (again, it is healthy to have a positive self image!) and we have nothing better to do on Sat. night than sit in a smokey bingo hall and get dirty looks from the "purple headed people eaters" (a.k.a -crotchety old women with purple hair). OKAY! Sounds like fun, I'M IN!

As I was preparing for the "my big night out" one of my girlfriends stopped by ..so, of course, we had to fret about what we were wearing for an hour and make a huge deal out of NOT EVER HAVING ANYTHING TO WEAR (hey master, betcha like the sound of that, didn't ya??) ...the rockstar, becoming increasingly perplexed asks, "and what kind of bingo are you going to" ...LOL, we just like to be the "best dressed" (I think that stems back to growing up too poor to EVER be best dressed) ...Had we only known what our fellow bingo goers were wearing maybe we could have toned it down a sequin or two;)

3 hours later -we were off (and feeling pretty lucky I might add) Dressed to the nines in shimmer shirts and sparkly pointy heels (it's all about the shoes AND JEWELS!!!) we had to ask for directions several times before our arrival ...and we got some pretty strange looks from people when we asked about the bingo hall (Do you think we're over-dressed?)

We finally locate this place - Behind a Big Lots in what looks to be an abandoned building with no sign at all ...it looks like a secret club ...HOW EXCITING!! I grab the handle to the door, my pulse quickens and palms are sweaty ...ahhh yeah ..this is it ...by the time we leave here tonight ladies, we'll be high rollers ...or at least I will, I put a HEX on you before we left the house;) I open the door and might as well have walked in with a big bleeding gash down my face -attack of the purple headed people eaters!! ...Relax old folks, don't hate ....Not everyone can wear this kind of get-up to bingo, I know;)

We buy our cards and after a brief explanation from the smoking amazon at the door we found a seat ...now, I'm very social ...and I love to talk ...so immediatly we start cutting up and having our usual blast ..not really paying attention to our surroundings and posing for pics with our bingo cards. Laughing all the way! Then we realize "bingo boy" (security) is headed our way. OK, Time to get serious ...SERIOUS HEXING ...Do you ever wish bad for other people and just ...not really feel that bad about it? After the first round (not first, we missed first ...late comers) I was pretty into it and I really wanted to win "Please God, Let me win ..I could do this this and this ...and so and so doesn't need it ..she'd just waste it" LOL, I had to sit back and laugh, I am in a gambling facility - PRAYING! ..and not only am I praying, I'm praying that God does not bless my friends, but chooses me instead! WTF kind of friend is that?

One round was "coverall bingo" ..apparently this is where you cover every number on the game. They were only going to call odd numbers so we were supposed to go ahead and "dot" all the even ones ...I'm "dotting" like crazy trying to gt all my even numbers covered before the game begins ...LOL, then I realize no one else is ...no one else is ...because this was a separate game on a small playing piece ..not the 36 square piece game i was working on! hee hee hee, I probably one that night and don't even know it.

I really had a hard time keeping up ..being a new-by and all ...then i started thinking about blind people playing bingo (for whatever reason!) They have created brail everything these days ...Why not brail bingo ...and if so ..how does it work? I can just imagine all those old blind people running their fingers over 36 squares of coverall! YAHTZEE!!


  • At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Master Foley said…

    SS the BINGO n00b
    what a hoot

    silly, silly girl

  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Rainbow-Bright said…

    ...I saw the pics! These hotties sure didn't look like they were playin' bingo! I'd say it was a cover for "shakin' it at da'club! ;)

  • At 2:52 PM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    Well ...you know, ...since we were already out;)

    We might as well "Howl at the Moon"

  • At 4:45 PM, Blogger Ben McCarthy said…

    Got to love the Bingo, its cheap booze over here, but always get the weird looks, well you would give weird looks if a bunch of 8 pissed up lads turned up at bingo at 2pm.

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