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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ring Around The...

Just 15 minutes ago I was struck with the fact that I may, quite possibly, have ring worm. RING WORM PEOPLE! ...How do these things keep happening to me?? While visiting the powder room (not for powdering;) I noticed 2 distinct circles on my leg ...I thought ... "ring worm" ...What else could it be? So ...this is just great ...I'm sleeping with my ex-bf and, apparently with my ex-hubby too (see previous post) ...and now I have RING WORM! Can I suck anymore? (hee hee hee ...funny you should ask;)

I AM DEVASTATED! ..Ring worms are ...sort of dirty, aren't they? So ...I cry and pout around in the bathroom as I am "re-clothing" and I reach down to "feel" the spot (NO! ..not that spot) ..the circles ...just to see how far my dirty disease has spread (like ...you know, are they raised?) and that's when I found them. 2 QUARTERS! YEAH! WOOHOO! I'm not a dirty girl after all! The quarters in my pocket had just caused some "little" indentions on my leg ...So now, I'm not dirty ...just a hypochondriac ...and that is waaaaay better;)


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