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Thursday, June 09, 2005


...Do you remember last week when the sales associate at Dillards told me not to buy the outfit I had tried on cause it made me look "short and fat" ...well ...I BOUGHT IT! I went to a different store across town and bought the exact same thing. It's just so darn cute -I don't care if it makes me look 300 lbs.!

Well maybe her blantant disregard of my feelings was a sign... because I bought the outfit Tuesday night and wore it to work on Wednesday ....by 10 am I realized this shirt was ripping at the seams and half my fatty patty side was hanging out ...so ...me not wanting to "show skin" all day at work ...prompted me to drive back to the dillards with the devil that told me I'm too fat to wear the shirt in the first place. WTF?

I don't know about you but I have never went to a store to exchange something I was actually wearing. ..so there I am at the counter (with the devil girl) and say:

ME: I have sort of a strange request **picture really embarrassed face** -I bought this shirt last night and I wore it to work today and now it has this huge hole in the side and ~I'd like to exchange it now. (GOSH! THAT WAS EMBARRASSING)

Now I figured with the history she and I have together she'd say:

DEVIL: I told you not to buy it fatty! Now stop eating or go to the misses dept!

But she said **with smirk on face**

DEVIL: Yes ~ that is a strange request. You'll need to see someone in customer service.

MAN! So then I had to tell the whole story again... However, I did exchange the shirt and will never be back in that particular dillards again ...at least for 2 weeks (I LOVE THEIR SHOES!!)

...and speaking of shoes ...I totally bought some sexy saucy heels that strap around the ankle and this hot hot dress to wear to my wedding this weekend! I'VE GOT TO POST SOME PICS HERE!

**See shoes here:

**And I'm wearing them with this:



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