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Monday, July 18, 2005


...All's well that ends well. This weekend has caused me to "reflect" on my life somewhat. We celebrated Rainbows 29th bday and I took my Grandma to visit a friend she hasn't seen in 48 years. It caused me to think of myself and where I've been and where I'm going.

Yesterday on my way home I realized that ...I am finally ...all grown up. ...I remember, when I was little, holding my arm out the window as our mom drove that little black beetle. I loved the way the wind felt in my hair and on my face ...James Taylor was playing on the radio ...and it was summertime. 29 years later and I'm still waving in the wind. Yesterday it rained. I drove home with my arm out the window ...and for the first time ...I realized ...the rain doesn't sting anymore. When I was little the rain stung my sensitive skin ...I guess over the years ...we harden and adjust to adversity ...the rain ...just doesn't sting as much. ...and we grow up ...and grow old like my grandma.


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