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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Seems like my life is one big mammoth wave after another. There's always a little something going on ;) I didn't make it to >a href="http://stonemountainpark.com"StoneMountain
as planned and, as a tribute to JQP I wasn't going to type about it until he was back and blogging again. However, being the blog whore that I am and the fact that I have nothing to do today ...I have decided to break the silence. I love you Johnny Boy but ..sometimes you just gotta keep on truckin ..even after your passenger is ejected.

My little brothers daddy had open heart surgery on Friday, so we decided to stick around here in leiu of Georgia ..just in case he needed us... I visited with him yesterday ...although I couldn't rouse him at all ..completely lifeless ..very disheartening. Sorry to miss the festivities
Ananonymousgirl I know we would have made some serious waves in the south;)

Saturday was well spent in Owensboro attending a friends wedding. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm so glad we've moved away from traditional boring weddings. This one was outside beside a pond ..with a fountain ..the whole wedding party was barefoot ..including the 8 children that twirled in with fairy wings to the tune of "A whole new world" ...very magical. Brooke and Joe -I wish you mud puddles and dandelions to enjoy your whole life thru. **ps ..sorry i broke your door and burned your countertop ..it was an honest mistake** Happy Honey-Mooning!

Saturday night I was back at the river by midnight ...had a glass of wine, laughed with friends and was in bed by 12:30.

Sunday, against Dr's orders, I was back in the
lake reflecting on what a wonderful life it truly is. It really does not take a lot to make me smile. I'm a lucky girl. ..and for someone that is flat broke all the time ..I sure do have a lot of fun! This weekend after years of "no's" ...I went off one of the most hideous rope swings you have ever seen. You've got to pack a 50 lb. rope up a mountain side to even do this ..This is not your grand-dads swing;) With little grace and lots of pain ..it is done ...I am now an official "swinger" ...landing 300 feet below spread eagle ...on my back **looks shamefully proud** I think I have finally made my wave on the world.


  • At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Master Foley said…

    well it's about damn time you post something


  • At 2:46 PM, Blogger Strawberrie-Shortcake said…

    I've really mucked this post up several times ...I was trying to link to all my friends like JQP and Anonymous Girl ...I've lost it and, luckily, retrieved it 7 times ...I think I'll stop while I'm ahead!! If you want to meet some neat O people go here http://publicpolicyandkinkythoughts.blogspot.com/

    and here:


    and I didnt type about him today ...but go here too!!


  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger ananonymousgirl said…

    You'll just have to plan another trip SS! I was so afraid I had missed you in all the shit that's happened to me over the last couple of weeks. Glad to know I didn't!

    Still looking forward to meeting you and going out on the town!

    Thanks for the "linking" :)

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