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Monday, August 22, 2005


Soccer Mom rocked out the Seether show on Saturday night at the Ky State Fair;) My darling daughter is quite a little rockstar and ...I'm pretty sure she would've absolutely killed over had we not made this show (in the rain).

I had a small observation regarding "baggage check" ...THERE WASN'T ONE! ...Seems odd to me too. When I was younger and wanted/tried to sneak in all my "contraband" I was STRIP SEARCHED (wow ..those were the good ol' days) ...Now ..there isn't even any security ..or wasn't at this particular showing. This was an (FREE!!) outdoor show at Cardinal Stadium -We walked right in with our gate admission from the fair. WHO KNEW! I could've packed in my meth, ...maaaan *sighs* -Had I known I probably, honestly, would've taken a little tequila just to calm me! hee hee hee. ...I am so not big on such "hateful music" ...there's just so much RAGE in it. I listen to music to calm me ...not make me epileptic!

My baby girl is "hard core" ...She admits today that she may have "sprained her elbow" throwing up some kind of "hang loose" sign (I think that's what that means) repeatedly in time with the music -FOR 4 HOURS! I totally had no business at this concert ..I'm pretty sure I was the oldest person there and did not have enough tattoos or piercings to even come close to fitting in here. **looks VERY embarrassed** I've never felt so "homely" in all my life -my looks TOTALLY need re-vamping for the next show... YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT ...I'll be going back -first chance I get ..but not for Seether ...it was hot band boy in Dark New Day ( http://www.darknewday.com/ )that got my vote. ...I have no idea who he is ..but he's got this edgy ..slightly older ..rustic rough look to him ..that made soccer mommy wet with sweat **quivers with delight**. I am officially this rockstars groupie girl!!


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