Out of Character

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


I LOVE MAIL (AND MALE) ((AND MELL!)) Mostly today ..I just love mail! I think I have an odd obsession ..and ..I'm not sure other people my age get this excited at the sight of their mail box. It's like every day, any day ...a secret surprise could be there to meet and greet and make me smile after a long day at work. Ads, junk mail, catalogs, special offers, scams, letters from gran or an old friend ...I LOVE MAIL!

I drive an hour home everyday. And I love topping the hill and seeing my dingy old rusted up mailbox. It absolutely raises my adrenaline everytime! ...laugh all you want. It's great! and it never fails!

I guess it started when I was little. I have a pretty big loving family ..and EVERYONE sent me special surprises! Especially my Gran. ...I still get letters from her at least once a week! Sometimes they don't come till Thursday ..I never know when they will be there ..just that they will be there ..I find myself getting "antsy" about Wed. if I haven't received my "nanny note". Sometimes, when I'm lucky, (and I've been being good!) She still sends me dollars! Which I find odd, at 30, but cute! Not a whole lot ..but face it ...you don't expect your grandma to give you money anymore ..and even if it IS just $5. IT'S EXCITING!

I wonder if anyone will send my daughter mail. -or if it will be a thing of the past by the time she is my age. It makes me sad. ...I would like to encourage everyone to sit down and write a real letter to someone you love ..and if it won't break ya -throw in $5. It will make them smile;)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Surprisingly ...Happy

For a single, unemployed mother of one... I SURE AM HAPPY! It seems like the worlds just crashing around my wine glass and I take another sip and take it all in. As you well know ...I have resigned my position at the monastary ((very quite office with very quite boys)) My last day was to be Friday ...but after meeting with head monk ...I have decided to stay until another opportunity is presented -to either side. ...Meaning ...when I get a high paying cush job I'll leave and if they find a hot stripper to take my place before then ...I'll leave. Either way ...my days here are numbered. ...and I find myself ...surprisingly happy.

On a positive note, I have had 3 interviews with, what i feel like, is a pretty good company to work for. My last interview was with the Vice Pres. of Operations.. so ..it sounds hopeful. ...I still keep toying with the idea of selling Mary Kay products (on the side-not as sole income). I just uumm ...feel kind of funny about "peddling beauty products".

Hot wakeboardining boy is ...well ...still hott. However, after all this time no feelings have matured. My head says he's perfect ..my heart says he's not fun (abusive) rockstar who has, unfortunately, captured my heart forever. ...I do have one dilemma. Wakeboard boy and I really enjoy time spent. There's no ill feelings or arguments ...but no future either. I almost think he has grown stagnant with this as well and I would like to make him happy again ...do I "break up" -would that make things better? ...Cause I sure don't want to make them worse. ..He is my brother-in-laws (really good) friend (who's always around) ..so I don't want to have any uncomformalities there. How do I do this with taste? I really hate it ...cause ..you know ...I love him (in a general love type way -though would never ever say ..you know ..that kind of love) ..and I love my brother in law. I care about everyones "feelings" ...I just don't think this is a viable "relationship" for either of us. ...and I think it will make things more awkward for everyone if we continue seeing each other ..just for the sake of seeing each other ..and that we don't have anyone else TO SEE! **sips more wine**

I have $13 in my checking account **finishes glass** and that has to last me until friday (keep in mind I drive 100 miles a day -$13 will last thru the evening) I have $13 because I spent the rest of it on a hotel room and pizza and ...more wine. OH! and a very sexy saucy shirt to wear! ...I just hadn't been out with the girls in so long. I had a really good time ...and even today ...it still seems worth it. **counts change in desk drawer** I spent the most of this weekend recovering from our "Friday Fiesta" ..our hotel was right across from the club(s) and so that in itself was more than enough excuse to become "over-inebriated". I vaguely remember "swaying" across the street trying NOT TO LOOK DRUNK ...BUT "SOPHISTICATED" because I had a hotel room (while cops laughed so hard they couldn't arrest me) with "scutt toes" (due to dirty dance floor) missing half my "very hot outfit" (tequila makes my clothes come off) and crying because someone farted in my room ..which set the smoke alarm off causing 3 very "frenzied drunk girls" to cry/laugh hysterically. I called everyone I know at 4 am to tell them I wanted a fried balongna sandwich ..and telling the soldiers staying next door that they didn't stand a chance ...cause "they just didn't know what ky girls like" "...Ky girls like fried bologna" **still trying to look sophisticated** HA! At some point a boy I've met once in my life (but only briefly) ...ended up at my hotel room with 1 fried bologna sandwich and nothing to drink it down with. I'm still confused about how he ended up there -and why he handed me this sandwich and left. ..though ..I was very greatful. Now if you can imagine how one girl with cotton mouth and 4 bites of bologna sandwich tries to look *sophisticated* as she waves from her balcony yelling "thank you- very kind of you" and chokes and has to spit over the railing looks ..than you can imagine me at the end of the night.

I remain ..surprisingly ...happy