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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'll Be Back!

So alot has changed in a short short time. My relationship with the rockstar ..officially over ...my relationship with hot wakeboarding boy ...ummm ...mostly over ..but the river does cause you to do some silly things ((more on that later this summer)) **looks open minded** I am, after 9 months of employment at a cabinet concentration camp, back to work at **previous job** What can I say ...they totally woo'd me;) ...and the biggest, GREATEST, turn of events is that R.B. and I have decided to combine forces and moved all of my Grandmas chickens, syrup pourers and crystal salt spoons in with her collection of Dora "Can't do With-out-Ables" ...It's totally great! We have 3 bedrooms and 3 children ...then there's us ...the displaced (but able to afford cute shoes now!) moms! Stay tuned for some serious blogging! I have much to tell and the cabinet nazi's have held my typing fingers hostage for way to long!! **sips wine** I'm just getting started!


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