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Monday, June 26, 2006

Smokey and The Bandit...

As you know R.B. and I have just recently pooled our resources and are now living under the same roof -the same roof as two teenagers that is! I guess somewhere along the way we lost all parental control and now our Holy Rollin' teenagers (because we taught them sooo well) now control us. -Have you ever tried to sneak out for a date with the "spy kids" on patrol -IT AIN'T EASY FOLKS! ...Not to mention when R.B's Husband was serving time over seas she felt compelled to have alarms installed (that alert anytime ANY door or window feels a slight breeze) and boobie trapped the whole house with motion detectors.

...let me back up. A week ago R.B. scored us a great date with two sailor boys who picked us up on their boat and wisked us away to this upscale restaurant on the river. After dinner (and many drinks) I suddenly had an urge for a cigarette -it's no secret I enjoy a good smoke just as much as the next smelly redneck -However, since none of us were avid smokers this proved to be most challenging. At some point our waitress offered up a "clove cigarette". -Which I now commonly refer to as the GREATEST CIGARETTE EVER! ~Djarum~

After much researching, driving and calling EVERY "SMOKE SHOP" In a 90 mile radius I scored a pack of these Djarum delights. My anxiety rose with every hour that passed, for the plan was to share my treasures with R.B. that very evening.

Project: Smokin' in the girls room FOILED AGAIN! The smokes were in the car, the lighter in my purse and the children on my case. UGGGH! ...Finally we made our break -out the back door. One kid in the shower and one on the phone. (where was the bb?) Like crack addicts huddled around a trash can we stood at the side of the house -the tension was to high -I couldn't light the match. I felt like a juvi again ...and what's even funnier is the couple across the street stretching their necks to see just what our secret was all about. -Two grown women sneaking to smoke. Can you imagine?

What's your guilty pleasure?


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