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Friday, July 21, 2006

Queens of Memphis...

7 Girls, 2 Cars and 9 bottles of Rum=One Kick A** Road Trip! Memphis will never be the same! I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! I guess, living in small town KY makes me oblivious to the happenings of the big city life sometimes. Things are a lot different out there and when in memphis -it's a all at your fingertips.

We started on our journey Sat. morn- Only after my little sis blew up the cell phones to alert everyone it was the butt crack of dawn so we should get started... Did she mean drinking or driving??? Not sure -so I poured a glass on the run and hopped in. 8am -LET THE DRINKING BEGIN! Memphis is alot further than I thought ...took 2 bottles to get us there! After missing our exit, fighting one way streets and turning down crack we checked into "Holiday Select" -7 girls, one night = 2 carts full of luggage and 3 bell boys carrying cases of Mich Lite and Mount Gay Rum. Have you ever seen 7 drunk girls all get ready at the same time in one bathroom -better yet ...sharing 2 mirrors?? Ask the Peabody -they did;) I'm sure every room with their shades open send out Kudos to Kitty for the Fried Eggs Served Sunny Side up!

Shoes- Definitely givin' shouts out to our cool shoes -pictures must be posted eventually! And removed promptly ((never can be too careful)) Shoes like that are way to hot to just be posting pics anywhere!

Memphis was fun. ...but I think I could have fun with those girls in a cold dark basement. Life is what you make it wherever you are. And my girls know what it's about... PARTYING LIKE ROCKSTARS EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!


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