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Monday, August 28, 2006


Life can throw some awesome curve balls -PITCHER'S DEFINITELY GOT A BIG BUTT IN THIS CASE!! I don't even know where to start ..or what to say... I'm afraid ramble is the best you'll get here.

When I was 19 ...I wasn't the awesome person I am today ((I KNOW! IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE!!)) I was pretty well lost, broken... and ...hopeless. I was a single mom trying to support a child on my own... and was working in ...lets say not the most "reputable place".

Then came **boy** ...beautiful boy. Anything and everything a girl could ever want **boy** It was a whirlwind relationship. Instant attraction, instant friends ..he made everything "OKAY" -A-OK *wink* I just can't find the words to say how I felt about him... I'm not sure there are enough words and they could never be powerful or descriptive enough to express how my heart felt. There was no way on earth I deserved someone like him at the time, but he loved me regardless -unconditionally. ...But I was a kid and he was a "military man" ....he was leaving and I was scared. Scared to love him and scared to leave with him. I didn't know where he was going... My life here was pretty pathetic ..but I knew what to expect. ~In the end ...I turned out to be pretty rotton to him (again -there are no words to fully describe just how terrible and hurtful I was to him) ...things ended kind of abruptly. He came to see me once before he left for home. I was 19 and newly diagnosed with breast cancer. We said our goodbyes and never spoke again.

I searched for him, extensively, at various times ...spent to much money for a girl with my income -enlisting help from different agencies! ..but to no avail. He was gone ..and I was sad.

Here we are, 10 years later and by shear luck -last week I finally located this stealthy stud;)


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