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Friday, August 25, 2006


Definitely had a good time hanging with my girls last night! Sipping (slurping!) margaritas and catching up... Mean muggin Marcus (You know I love you Son -Just get a goal and take control of your life!!) Coco's EXPENSIVE! You better have a PLAN!

C0Co (my 15 y.o.) now has a 17 y.o "suiter" **looks very concerned** I know she has to grow up and that's ok with me... It's the hurt and disappointment we experience as adults that I want to keep her from. She's so beautiful ...with a rockstar personality to boot;) Definitely has everything going for her. Excellent grades and ambition too. But I worry love will blind-side her. She's too much like her momma **shakes head** and a strong will to match. Likes those bad boys toooo much!!

I wish parenting came with an instruction manual.. It's pretty scary -the one thing you definitely only get 1 shot at and it's something you have to "wing" **looks confused** ...I really try to relate and remember ...we walk a fine line with each other, that's for sure. Making a conscious effort to pick and choose our battles. She's my girl and my best good friend. The only thing that keeps me going somedays. I just want so much for her to see the decisions she makes today absolutely affect the life she will have in 5 years. I try to teach her to think about her past, where she's come from and her future ...and not live so much in the here and now (like her mom). I know what she wants in life and I want to help her get them. I just know how important it is to make responsible choices (and have a plan) early on. I don't want to be the heavy that holds her back from everything she wants to do -just maybe the limo driver that takes her to the red carpet.


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