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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh Angel..

So.. contrary to popular belief.. my little angel.. is ..not so angelic. Fine time to find out- a month before Christmas.. Hmmp. And I was prepared to charge my life away (reminds me of eddie rabbit song... ooooh I'm driving my life away, lookin for a sunny day) ..back to story. So... last Friday night -while making my usual 3am round (fridge -for binge eating, washroom -for.. well and kids room) I realized my little dolly was not in her bed. WHAT? **insert sound effects -breaks squealing and various swear words** So... I run downstairs to find the dining area in disarray- poker chips scattered about and 2 empty bottles of booze.. WTH? What do these children do after I go to sleep? So I check for roomates son in his bed.. Gone too.. **shakes head** After a quick search of how and assesment of situation (ha ha -I make me sound so calm) I call angels cell...

This is me: "Where ARE you"

She replies: "Oh.. well... we were hungry so we walked to steak and shake" (no kidding the kid was cool as a cucumer -fully believing she had done no wrong)

Me again (with more rage this time): "Get YOUR ASS (and I totally said the "A word" I didnt even spell it this time) HOME

...Now I have tried several times to rationalize this situation... As my daughter is not yet 16 and hasn't even earned the right to breath ..let alone date... she does not really have a curfew... could my neglect to set a curfew some how confused her to the point that she thought it was "ok" to walk out of the house at 3 am ...I mean... I've never specifically said "you can't roam the streets like a hoodlum at 3am" ...I thought it was UNDERSTOOD!

I've always felt so blessed to have somehow escaped the problems people typically have with teens ...looks like mines just a late bloomer... What do you know ... I guess the fun is just beginning...

Life as we know it...

Life on the farm is kind of laid back... Things have changed dramatically wether I have willed them that way or not... Times seem to be changing and things ...just don't seem as "blog-worthy" these days... In the past the days have all been ..an adventure just getting thru.. there was always something that BLEW UP or caught fire and ...inevitably someone would get trashed, trip over the dog and fall down the stairs (yes... that was usually me) ...But ..things don't seem as chaotic lately.. theres kind of a peaceful easy feelin about the day... kind of monotonous some days.. but nice.

As I write this I reflect on a solid week of parties and have to ask myself.. have things really slowed down or have I just started drinking more ...to the point I can't remember all the things I meant to tell you.

Pretty sure it's time for some ...self-reflection. Life is good.. very good. I couldn't be happier... but lately ...while things seem slow ...maybe it's just the alcohol mellowing the mood a bit. It's all fun and games till we can't remember November and December is upon us...