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Monday, November 15, 2004

NEWS FLASH!!! Monday's Suck!

Okay, so here it is nearly 2:30pm my time and I am finally getting to blog. I truly intended to do this sooner, as I know SS is awaiting my vivid sex stories from the weekend...

First, I must say that I was horny all weekend and it began Friday night, with me determined to have just as good of sex with myself as SS had the previous night. See, I am not quite that creative when it comes to solo sessions. Now, give me a partner and I'll come up with all sorts of interesting things to try but if left to my own devices...I have a tendency to fall very short. So, here it was 10pm, me wanting it so bad, I drug out my "fun box" and locked my door. Thinking about all of the porn SS spoke of, I couldn't wait to turn the toys on. When it wouldn't turn on, I became irritated and searched my entire room for replacement batteries...with none, I firmly threw the imposter in the closet and went to get the real thing. Only, this wasn't as easy as you would think it should have been...nearly 4 hours later (yes, 2am) and a two hour discussion on why sex isn't good all the time, I finally came and went to sleep.

Saturday comes and goes with no excitement whatsoever, I really believe that I was just too mentally exhausted from all the "red tape" I endured to achieve the big O the previous night, that I claimed defeat and went to sleep.

Sunday...well, lets just say Sunday was nice. Hell, nice doesn't quite say but since I'm running out of time, I'll leave it at that. Maybe save the details for another day...another blog, perhaps.


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