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Friday, January 14, 2005

Confessions and Teenagers

I just have to confess...my first attempt at smoking pot was not with Strawberrie as she indicated. I was not a pot-head but my first attempt at the "good stuff" was at the tender age of 13. Yep, I was in 7th grade and it happened at the local movie theater...behind the theater. Doesn't all good things happen behind the theater? Your parents think you are calmly and safely watching a movie with your buds, but no, instead you are getting high on weed and drunk on MD 20/20. Boy, that drink brings back memories. With all those substances, its no wonder I ended up pregnant in the 9th grade! Now I know teenage parenthood isn't for everyone but for me...it save my life. I truly believe I was headed down a dangerous road and that my son is the only way I would have made it to my twenties alive. I had started hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things and I had very little accountablity. I wanted to be accepted by everyone, so I did as they did. It didn't help that at 14, I looked 21...fully developed, at least physically. Most of my friends were 18 or over and to me, they were so cool. They were worth breaking curfew, sneaking out at night and having sex before I was ready.

Now that my son is getting to the age I was when trouble started, I am "Mama the Watchdog." I know I wear him out sometimes with my "who, what, when & where," but how else are we supposed to know what are kids are up to? I am thankful that he is a wonderful son and that he was born first, so I can practice my teen parenting before my daughter wreaks havoc on my life. I will be a bit older and hopefully wiser then, I know from other parents of teenage girls...it will be a bumpy ride. And if my daughter is ANYTHING like I was...just put me in "Our Lady of Peace" now because, I'm sure all the anti-depressants in the world won't help!

When I began this, I intended to share plenty of "gettin' high" stories but after reading a post by Muzikdude about his teenage daughter, I guess my thoughts went elsewhere. Here you can check out his teenage daughter story....I'm sure he has many more. http://muziks-muzings.blogspot.com/

Maybe I'll share my wicked childhood...and possibly adult ways later.


  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger vandamonium said…

    Okay, here's the skinny. I'm drunk! If they gave out tickets for blogging while drunk I'd be guilty as hell. I'm so drunk I didn't even want to post on my own site and yours was the first I came to so, tag, your it. Not quite sure what it is, but it's you. I went out with my brother and sister in law and just plain got stinkin drunk after being sick for a couple of months. Now I am in the position that I'm drunk and don't have clue what I am typing. So on that note I will say that I sure am glad that I did this on your blog and not mine. Now I think I am going to pass out. I apologize for my drunkedness and hope that you will forgive me in the morning. I know that I will probably have no clue as to where I have been or what I have done tonight. If you are any kind of friend you will forget that this ever happened. Or then again you could send me a message telling me what an ass I've been and I could apologize later in a more proper frame of mind. Please, please, no matter what, have a nice day.

  • At 5:18 AM, Blogger z. said…

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog =)

    I don't think I'd enjoy being a mother; then I'd have to face the fact that my mum was right most of the time, and her strictness was for my own good.

    Do you kids by any chance read this blog?

  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger biggaysam said…

    Keep up the good work. Your children may not appreciate your getting all up in their business now but someday they're going to thank you.

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