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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I had a gorgeous drive in to work today ...the weather is absolutely fabulous outside! I had my windows rolled down and the fresh air was ...renewing. After exiting the interstate I realized that my radio was still "interstate noise level" and I was jamming to "I'll Fly Away" ...One of my all time favorite hymns;) Then I imagined how confused some people would be about those lyrics ...as Christians we sing of dying all the time and to say "Hallaleujah when I die" might be ...a little morbid for some. Do you find it strange that we sing hymns about dying ...and what's worse, those same hymns make us happy?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


It seems
John Q. Public and I share more in common than just the love of polyester and 24 "film stores". John just received a license to drive in the great state of INDIANA! As did I! I moved here from Ky last year ...and have been driving on my Ky license ever since ...until it expired in February:( I had put it off as long as I could. I'm usual a "safety citizen" ..Honest, I AM A LAW-ABIDER! However, I do not have good test taking skills and panic under pressure ...I am 29 years old ...I didn't want to have to admit, as JQP did, that I had failed my drivers test. So, I studied nights on end ...hyped up on tequila and cigarettes and finally made my way down to the D.M.V. **I'd like to stop here and ask a question. ...If a place does not open till 8 and it is 30 degrees below 0 outside ...why are there 15 senior citizens waitting in line outside the door at 7:50? ...They don't have anywhere else to go anyway, why the rush to be first in line?** I sat down at the test area and noticed several young people I knew ..pretty well. My palms began to sweat and a wave of nausea swept over me ..then I hear "Don't worry Ms. "my name" ..."you'll do fine" ...it seems some of the students I substitute at the high school were also taking there drivers test ..GREAT! I soooo can not fail this test in front of them. The first one in ...the last one to leave, a panic attack and 4 wrong answers later ...I am now the proud holder of a valid drivers license;) Stressful times...

Mr. "Not So" Wonderful

Mr. "Not So" Wonderful is NOT AT IT AGAIN! I love my rockstar with all my heart and soul ...so much it disgusts me on the inside ...but he is a lazy S.O.B. I'm sure you all know, as women, we exxagerate ...and when we say "I can't get him to do anything" ...that often means that we are working him like a dog from sun-up to sun-down and get upset because he's taken a beer break or flat past out from exhaution ...but when I say "I can't get anything" ...I MEAN IT! I am very particular about my home, I like things to like ...ummm ..Southern Living;) ...and, although i hate to admit it, the only Southern in our home is me. My rockstar boyfriend, although usually, very affectionate ..is L-A-Z-Y. He built our cabin from scratch ...or at least "started building" 5 YEARS AGO ...AND IT IS STILL NOT DONE! We've had an "uninstalled"dishwasher for 3 months, wood has been in my bathroom for a year waitting to be put around a jacuzzi tub, I still don't have a yard ...although, he did say he looked for flowers for me while he was out riding his bike this week ....I DON'T WANT ANY EFFING FLOWERS UNLESS THEY ARE IN MY WELL LANDSCAPED YARD! ...the list goes on and on of things that never get done. He's a super great guy. Very loving and he keeps me laughing ...when im not totally p'o'ed about the house ...but I WANT OUR HOME DONE and I LOVE HIM BETTER THAN CAT LOVES CREAM;) How can you love and dislike someone so much at the same time? We really have an awesome life together ...and are totally blessed with wonderful family and friends and ...generally just get to do a lot of cool stuff together ...but the house is causing some serious issues. ...like this one for instance:

I'm pretty sure I'm developing a crush on my boss ...not because he is super hot or anything ...and not everyday ...just pretty much the days he is not being an a** ...because on the days he is not ..he's a pretty smooth fella;) I mean, ..no worries or anything ...he's totally married ..for like EVER ...and very dedicated to this girl (COMMITTED TO GIRL, HUGE TURN ON!) ...not to mention, affairs with married men ...ARE TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME and I LOVE MY ROCKSTAR BETTER THAN CAT LOVES CREAM!!! ...but ...he is such a motivated guy (NOTE TO ALL MEN: MOTIVATION IS A HUGE TURN ON!!!) He is a real go-getter and handy in the house ...from what I gather ...she loves him and runs on the treadmill (to keep her in shape for him, of course) in exchange for: Dinner, laundry, car detailing, trash pickup, landscaping, what i'm sure is awesome sex (he works out) and gratuities. I mean he does everything ...with zero complaints. ahhhhh ...what a guy. ...But ...my rockstar sure does love me good and ...for the first time ever I am totally trusting and loving him back.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

There Goes Peter Cotton-Tail

Another Easter has come and gone ...this was quite possibly the coldest Easter I have ever celebrated ...and rainy. ...I think the angels in Heaven were rejoicing;) We got up bright and early to make sunrise service ...which we still did not make ...but were on time for our regular scheduled service. We generally sit with the rockstars friends from school ...a bunch of good ol' boys, ...but a little rowdy this Easter Sunday ...Apparently someone found girl scout cookies and stoled them from the childrens church ...they were being sold individually over the pews to the highest bidder ...THESE ARE GROWN MEN YA'LL! ...and I was a little embarrassed to find our "offering money" had been used to barter with the muffin man 3 rows back;) After church, although headed to the traditional "family dinner", we stopped at O'Charleys for appetizers with the YaY-Hoos from church. DE-LISH! Then we were off again. It was good to see my family all together. I am very blessed to be able to call these people kin.

On a side note ...I noticed something very peculiar this morning ...I think my eyebrows are growing ...they appear longer than usual ...and I'm not sure just how to handle this problem. Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Hi my name is, "my name", and I am addicted to American Eagle. ...No kidding, I love that store and it is really causing a lot of anxiety. I am becoming ...a mall rat. ...and I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR THAT HOBBY;) Last week I bought a little duo for church, imagine the mans surprise when I excitedly said "Look what Jesus brought for me" ( I was on a no-spending spree, I couldn't tell him I bought it!!! Well, I'm confessing my sins today ...and ..practicing for my speech tonight ...I figure if I tell everyone I know that I just spent $150 on one outfit ...that by the time I get home and have to tell the man it wont sound half as bad;) What's your weakness, where does all your cash go?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005





Stress got to you? Ready to relieve some of the anxiety of the daily routine? Find comfort in bubble wrap? Visit the following link! I suggest the Manic version;)


Thursday, March 17, 2005


Happy St. Pat's Day my little leprechauns;) This St. Pat Morn was spent the same as many Patty Morns before ...nursing my "Pre-Pat Party" Hangover and hearing my 80 y.o grandmother yell "Top O' the Mornin to You" while running little round men in green thongs and suspenders out of my bed ...My grandmother calls me at 7 am every morning (aside from weekends and the twice a year she oversleeps) and every St. Patricks Day she entertains me with the story of how Patrick chased all the snakes from Ireland and that's how he became such a saint thus creating the first alcoholic in the Sullivan family ..my family. My Great Great Grandpa Guy Sullivan and his wife Annie sailed across the ocean from Ireland to America on a trunk (trunk full of Irish whiskey probably) ...well they came over on a boat but spent much of the time sitting on the trunk they brought with them;) ...I am curious as to what caused this migration from Ireland and, honestly, feel a little cheated that I have lived half my life as a drunk crack whore in Ky when could have been truly accepted somewhere else... I am, However, feeling a little lucky today ...First of all ..I am Irish ...and drunk ...and wearing green thongs today that, quite possibly, will be seen by an office full of men by days end ...After all, I AMMM drinking;) Now ...surely I'll get a free lunch out of the deal ...how could a gal get any luckier!! And who knows, maybe I'll drink up enough courage to ask my grandmother for that trunk (i've been dying for) AGAIN! Happy St. Pat's - Bottoms UP! ...Or in my case, Down;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Senseless Fashion Sense

UGGGHHH ....I looked so cute when I left the house this morn (again, it is positive to have healthy self esteem!) I wore white (WINTER WHITE, PEOPLE) pants, sassy high boots and a green wool sweater that makes my eyes sparkle. I was feeling pretty good till I realized my green wool sweater must contain some black threads that keep shedding down on my white pants and ...of course, landing in my nether region ...WTF ...I look like I forgot to shave this morning ...and it just keeps growning and growing... I've been sitting at my desk with my scissors "trimming" ..Just to see if anyone notices;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


When I am in the right mood -I will argue about anything ...and in the wrong mood, I will argue about everything ...but in the end, I'm always laughing about what I was mad about in the first place. ...Which takes me back to last Friday.

I love children, I have one of my own (13y.o.g) ..but always dreamed of having a house full. My baby maker is no longer funtioning so I resort to "slumber parties" to fill the extra floor space. Last Friday night I invited 8 kids over ...ages ranging from 6 months to 7 years old. I thought we'd make some crafty little things, play board games, pig out, do some whip its and dance till dawn! I LOVE THIS STUFF! ...I knew that dinner would be rushed and I would get home as everyone was being dropped off ...so I resorted to hot dogs and macaroni's ...I know, who eats hot dogs anymore ..I've been informed it is no longer acceptable ...However, it was a food staple when I was a kiddo ...along with the bottle of gin I had hid under my bunk bed;) Anyway, I had purchased 2 packs of hot dogs and a big box of noodles to fix mac and cheese ...HO-MADE MAC AND CHEESE (I know, I ROCK!) ...When I came home I noticed the rockstar had already been into my hot dogs ....UUUUGGGGH! ...I had just enough ...so, you know, I was a little upset already ...so I am rushing thru supper and he's really annoying me (no reason, I was just easily annoyed by him that night) and I lay a plate of hot dogs on the table and tell my 4 y.o nephew "Do Not Touch-They are Very Hot and Will Burn You" ...So naturally, the minute I turn my head he grabs one ...Poor little fella burnt his mouth up ...The rockstar smarts with "I bet his momma would'a never given him a HOT dog" ...UUUUGGGH Again -My sister is most rocken and there's some comp. there ...don't egg it on! What an A**! Next he's dipping in my mac and cheese (agian, this is for the children and he's supposed to be leaving and with his last comment ...I'm a little more annoyed than initially) ...so I take my "big momma sized spoon" and flick a little (OKAY-WHOLE LOT) of mac and cheese on his shirt and tell him to "Get on out a H'yere" (sorta jokingly, sorta not) This is when he gives me a big ol' bear hug FROM BEHIND and smears the mac and cheese from his sweatshirt into my hair. I'M LIVID -So obviously, this is not the time to pick a fight (with 8 kiddo's in the house) ...I grab a scrunchie and flip my hair up into it ...cheese and all and tell him how much I love him and how I can't wait to kick his A** for that stunt when he gets home ...so my question is ...Why didn't I just let him have a little mac and cheese? I had like 2 lbs. I am just soooo rotten;) Wouldn't a hurt nothin' -I just didn't want to (says with much brattiness!!)

Monday, March 14, 2005


I would like to introduce all of you to my very good friend

FishmanHe's new to the blog world, a fantastic writer and awesome guy. Go on over to his place and spread some freaky linky love;)


Where have you been? I've been looking all over the virtual world for you! -It's good to be back here. My "down time" was longer than I had anticipated ...hard to believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I've been able to visit you! I've had lots of excitement the past 2 weeks and I made a mental note to blog about each event ...but I think the smoke and alcohol I consumed at the catholic church burnt those cells up;) I love my life when the atmosphere changes and I get to view things from another angle... The rockstar informed me 2 weeks ago that he had purchased tickets for us to visit a catholic comedy show ..WTF? I agreed to go only after he explained that I would be well fed and inebriated by nights end... I really thought that it was just a myth that the catholics drank so heavily. I just assumed that because they served wine at communion the baptists got all holy and caused a ruckass (sp?) Honey ...I walked into a fully stocked bar in the parrish hall ...WELL HELLO ...Pass the Jack, Praise Jesus! Can I get an Amen! These people know how to praise the Lord;) I had a great time ..the show was awesome ...and I thought it was a wonderful idea to allow the parents in the congregation a night out without having to congregate with the baptists in the bar on the corner;) ...Good Times, good times. I've come to find out that alcohol is a very important part of a catholics life ...for instance, one of the gentlemen I work with pays ALOT OF DOLLARS to send his daughter to a catholic school everyday ...However, before he can send her to said school he must pack her nutritious lunch ...because, although the school has an open bar they do not have a school cafeteria or the means to serve the children a hot plate. ...Wish my parents could've afforded to send me to that school ..forget the lunch ma ...I'll be drinkin' my plate today...Hallelujah!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gone Fishin'

This is just to let everyone know that we did not disappear, we are just not able to blog or (and this is the worst) surf the blogs of all of our fav bloggers. I have been in a grant training class for the last two days and now I must get caught up on some things here. SS is still without internet connection in her new office but has been told she should be up by Friday afternoon. She will have a lot of reading to catch up on so she may not have time to update here also. However, I think she might have lots to type about when she can...I haven't even had a chance to ask her about her weekend of parties with the Catholics. That couldn't have been boring!

We miss all of you and look forward to getting things back to normal next week.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Perfect Me!

Like I said, I am addicted to this OkCupid place. I have taken about a dozen quizes but when I took this one, I just knew I had to share it with you all. I got it all baby! Now, if the man in my life would just begin to realize that and treat me like the "Queen" that I am...

You scored 93 looks, 85 personality, 62 politics, and 93 sex drive!
You are beautiful, have a great personality, know youre politics, and have a high sex drive. You are the girl of any man's dreams. You know what you are doing in bed, you're fairly conservative, and you know how to treat your loved one. Men have been waiting for a girl like you all their lives. You probably know how to make sure that the ones you love are happy. You will make someone a great wife or girlfriend someday, if you haven't already. You're the kind of girl that everyone wants. You're probably fun in a conversation and I'm sure that you are as loveable as you are beautiful. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, make sure you live it to the fullest, and keep being the person that you seem to be.

Take the quiz here What Kind of Woman are You?

And you can remove the conservative comment...that is so not me. I don't have a conservative bone in my body. Unless of course you count...uh, nevermind.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I got the fever

I am having "one of those" weeks again! Not horrible, just too busy for words. I have end of month, new month and 3 grant projects smacking me in the face. I just REALLY want Calgon to take me away...either that or a freakin' raise! I have been trying to keep up with all of my blog buddies but without SS online all day, sending me links or telling me to get my ass in gear with a post, it has been all but impossible. I did make it over to Ananonymousgirl where she introduced me to OkCupid This site is a blast. It is good to know that I am only 68% slutty and that I am a Random Brutal Love Master I really anticipated the slut factor would have been higher. Not that 68 isn't high and not that I want it to be higher...just want it to be right. We all need to know just how slutty we really are, don't we?

So, other than that I'm on this Spring Fever kick. I am so sick of snow, sub-freezing temps and I wanna head to the river! Some of you might remember my talk of wanting to drop a few (okay, a few more than a few) and I haven't really done an update on that lately. So, I'm doing okay...not done but I see the light now. I've been fairly faithful to my kickboxing class and am still running when I can to prepare for my big race in April. I just have a tendency to gain and lose my motivation more times than I should and then I have to start all over. That is until I got a new Venus swimsuit catalog. Now, it is time for me to put the damn girl scout cookies down and get ready for bikini weather. Here is what I am going to be sporting this summer...

Just a few more miles, squats and crunches till I'm there! Well, maybe not all the way there since this chick has no hips at all and well...I've had two children, so they do exsist.

I am such a Summer person...I love the water, any water, the sun, skimpy bathing suits and a good REAL tan. Since having my daughter in 2003, this will be the first time I'm anxiously awaiting my return to the sun. Okay, so a lot of our guy readers have completely lost interest by now and are pretty much just staring at the bikini model...but for the girls (all 2 of you) you understand, right? Losing weight and getting into shape, especially having giving birth is not fun, nor easy. So, I am using this chick as my NEW motivation. I want this suit and I want to look half-way hot in it, so it is no more Dosi-Do's for me. I am currently Thin Mint free and feelin' okay about it. I want to be on the boat with SS, margarita in hand in my new blue bikini, flirtin' with all the hot boys...ahhh, the good ole' days!

Anyone else have the Fever? Spring, March Madness or whatever...I need a break!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Crazy B**** W****

"Yesterday Was Plain Awful..." (from the Annie Soundtrack;) I have been ...just livid for the past 2 days. ...Where to start ...hmmm ....Do you have a "fall back plan"? You know ...There's always that one person that you still have control over that is still, secretly, madly in love with you and despite anything you've done in the past would still take you back. ..I'm sure lots of folks do ...I did for a long time too. ...but this time someones fall back plan happens to be my rockstar ...UGGGH! For the past 2 years this girl has floated in and out of our lives. Initially I tried to be her friend ...invited her to the house ..told her she was always welcome to call ...Even when relationships end I believe people can still be friends without ill intention. ...It didn't take long to figure this chickie out ...she is manipulative and crafty. She plots and works everyday to her advantage and tries to stay "just close enough" and create just enough drama to hold interest. ...Now ...I understand that if a man loves you and is dedicated to you that you should let go of all jealousies and insecurities and just love him (blah blah blah, you people make me want to throw up in my mouth) I love my rockstar with all my heart and am more devoted and dedicated to him than any of the 10 (yes 10) men I have ever "related" with;) I can't just sit back and watch this b***** tempt my bf, just because she can. I mean, it doesn't hurt anything ...I don't think he has interest in her ...but it JUST MAKES ME MAD AND I'M THE GIRL SO I SHOULD HAVE MY WAY! I've never been this jealous of anyone and have been very good friends with "ex's" before ...but she un-nerves me and admittedly calls his cell phone to avoid talking to me (even though I tell her she is welcome to call him at home) NOT ON HIS CELL. Crazy B****, W****!I seriously dream up torture scenerios in my head for her ...like what I'd do "if i could" ...well ...I'd like to tie her up in a tree behind the house with barb wire and kick her in the crotch for a week and when I wasn't kicking her I'd leave my bedroom blinds open and make her watch me rock the rockstars world... UGGH ...I just really hate this week ...and I don't like to hate ...it's such a strong evil emotion. Tell me how you torture ...I may like your plan better;)