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Monday, February 28, 2005

Old People

Old people are funny ...Every Sunday I have the funniest little man and woman sit behind me at church ...you never know what they will talk about (I don't think they realize how loud they are) or how they think it is ok to "break wind" (as they call it) during service. Sunday was birthday day at our church. I'm not sure I understand the concept but if you have a birthday during the month of Feb. you are supposed to walk to the front of the church during the appointed time and put whatever change you have in your pocket in this little while church piggy bank ...then everyone does this cult like chant about your circle-ing the sun and waitting for the day you celebrate your b-day in Heaven ...very bizarre ..it's like you're offering God 53 cents for another year "Thanks Man, It's been real...

Anyway, apparently it was the old mans b-day ..the conversation went something like this:

Old man: Won't you take this change up thar' for me (jiggles what sounded like 36 cents)

Old woman: Hmmp ...I ain'ta takin' it for you ...you didn't take mine for me

Old man: Ain't that sorry ...I can't even walk today

Old woman: You ain't seen my ankle have ye'

Old man: Aww forget it ..it ain' worth another year here with you anyway...

Poor fella...

Friday, February 25, 2005


...Sometimes I wonder if the rest of the world has mishaps and misfortunes like ours ...For instance, have you ever had one of these show up in your office?

I think it's time to re-negotiate my contract here. Hazerdous working conditions is surely cause for a raise;)

What creeps around your place?

Sis-Boom-Ball, Where's my Booty Call?

Hee hee hee ...I was visiting
Ananonymousgirl this morning when she suggested I take, yet another, quiz ;) (Love you sister) ...Here are my results:

Soroity Slut
You're Soroity Slut Barbie! You're easy and you're
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If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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Thursday, February 24, 2005


So, I'm trying to post this cool banner made by dear Chellie and I guess I effed it up. Now, all our sidebar stuff is at the bottom...WTF??? I didn't do anything with the sidebar, why is it doing this? I know we have one or two puter people around here...help, please??? I even changed the template, thinking that would put things back to normal but noooo... I do like the new template, I just want to spice it up.

Any ideas?


Ya'll my mother called last night while I was gone to the drug store (getting my little snow bunny more pain killers) to remind us that 3 people in Ky had been diagnosed with meningittis and that we could be, consequently, affected. ...I live in Indiana momma ...but maybe you should start taking a few precautions yourself ..God love her ..she's all right.

So ...I don't really know much about meningittis ...but I do have a question ...and try not to laugh or poke to much fun ...I just always wonder if i'm doing things the right way ...or how other people do them. I was raised by some pretty backwards people ...good folks, you know ...and we went to a Dr. that didnt believe in a lot of meds ...mostly home remedy's ...truth be told this guy worked out of the back of a vw van ...and I'm not sure now if he even WAS a Doctor. ...Do ya'll wash your hands EVERYTIME you go to the potty room? ...Because I don't ...and never if I'm at home ...unless i get a little splash up or something;) I figure those are my germs there ...I usually do when I'm out ...and sometimes at work (I have my own bathroom) ...I don't consider myself a "dirty girl" by any means but typically it depends where I am... I don't invest a lot in instant hand sanitizers ...I have a pretty good immune system (even after a bone marrow transplant) and am not sure that doesn't weaken the body's own defenses. I propose that after prolonged use your body might tend to rely on the sanitizer as opposed to it's own cootie killers. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mean People

The rockstar has told me on more than one occassion I am "too uppity" for our laid back little town. We live in the poorest county in the state because my honey likes the country life (destitution is what I call it). The general attitude of the population is pitiful ...there is not a lot of opportunity and people become depressed after years of making meth and smoking pot all day. I just felt the need to give a little background before telling this story so you could picture it more acurately...

We got in from New Orleans late Sunday night so I took Monday off. Monday I was going to spend checking on my family and friends and making sure everyone made it through their week without me ...I got out early to run some errands before making my rounds and I stopped by the post office (because you can't keep a mailbox longer than a week in the country) ...When I went in I spoke to the old man on the bench (yes the post office is the local hot spot where I live ...people actually hang out there) and gave him my big flashy smile (as usual) I put my key in the box and hear "They ain't no maaaail 'day" I said "okay well I'll try again tomorrow" (fast and friendly) He says (very slowly/not so friendly) "It's presidents day" So I respond "Well, Happy Presidents Day" and sort of chuckle. He says "How about, Happy you're a big fat dummy day" ...WTF? Happy You're a big fat dummy day??? Listen here mr. ...I just came back from Dixieland ...where the food was De-Lish ...if I'm packin' a few extra pounds I have a very valid excuse and further more "I AIN'T NO DUMMY" Hmmp ...mean unfriendly people.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Big Easy

The Big Easy (that's my title, not me!) Last tuesday I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to head down south for some "dixie delight" ( a.k.a food and spirits!) We left our sleepy little town at 4am (4 Freakin' AM People!) I packed enough (in one huge case) for all 8 of you to go with -it ws kind of fun to watch the rockstar try to lug that around all week! hee hee hee! I was so super psyched ..there was no sleeping for me (on the way there) I was ready to party redneck style! By noon we had stopped for breakfast and had some mighty fine refreshments in the truck (not the driver, though! Poor rockstar...) By 2:00 I realized we must be getting close ...I think the gator at the rest stop gave it away ....But Alabama is a Hellava long state. At 5:30 (after, sadly, passing the Memphis exit) we arrived in Biloxi, MS ...this was commical in itself ...being from the south (GA) and raised up in Ky I imagined that I must be the countriest talkin' redneck around ...not true ...these folks got us beat up! The 1st night there ...I ate my weight in crab claws at the Boomtown Casino (R.B. will post pic tomorrow) and rested up for my big bike trip!! Wednesday morning (4am, WTF) I awoke to coon-hounds seranading me outside the window ...This was an authentic trip, I was livin' like a local;) These puppies sang for 10 minutes, me starring lividly out the window all the while. Effing dogs... gotta love a good coon hound. The rockstar and I got up and took a shower in what was quite possibly the dingiest tub I've ever been in ...and we were gone again. This time we took out the super cool fast bike and traveled down the coast to Gulf Port and Long Beach, MS ...This place is gorgeous! I've never been anywhere that the beaches weren't polluted with hotels and casinos. They had the most awesome antebellum homes I have ever scene ...very quaint homes with a tremendous amount of detail in every nook and cranny (lots of nooks too!) We made our way down to the shrimp boats and pulled in ...because I LOVE BOATS AND WATER! Two "shrimpers" stopped us cause they liked the rockstars bike ...I LIKED THEIR BOAT! ...and so there I am ...steering a real shrimpboat! Did you know you can buy a shrimpboat for as little as 30 thousand? The rest of the day was spent in casinos, bars and dirty diners. Wed. night we met up with some local bikers (not burly drug lord bikers, dentists bikers!) and went down to "the daiq shack" (local hangout) for some drinks and then over to "Famous Joes" for oysters and bike night (our suzuki looked funny rubbing fenders with Harleys!) I ATE AN OYSTER! Just one! Wasn't bad, but I don't think I'll be ordering a whole plate as our new friends did! I'm still not sure what they taste like ...mine tasted mostly like cocktail sauce and horseradish;) This is Wed. and we are down $100.

Thursday, I could tell you ...if I could remember ...ding dang bikers. Did ya'll know a blunt is
T h i s L o n g
...and that's what I learned in Biloxi! I also learned (from a trip to Biloxi's aquarium) that when SeaHorses mate they keep that mate thru an entire mating season and that the male fertilizes the egg in the female and then she rubs her belly on his and gives all the fertilized eggs back to him... True stuff! ...Thursday night we went to the local "moose lodge" ...this is a private club (for those who don't know) and it's not your typical "posh posh private club" neither. This is the way southerners do it! The wonderful folks we stayed with were in a dart tournament here and wanted to "show off" a little talent ...i have to say the thing I enjoyed most were the $2 margaritas ...and they didn't skip nothin' either ...I was D-runk by the time the school called and said my daughter had had a skiing accident (school field trip) Don't you know I sunk down in my chair and felt like a worthless drunk momma 800 miles away from home ...rockstars mom saved the day and took momma's girl to E.R. Seems my little burton brat tried to show off a little herself and tore some tendons/ligaments and will be in a brace for 6-8 weeks ...poor dolly:(

Friday ws my BIG DAY! We traveled across the Ponchatran (sp?) to New Orleans. That is one ...BOMBACIOUS (for lack of better word) bridge! Wow! It has to be 7 miles long with water all around ...Beautiful sight for sure ...I loved N.O. Upon arriving in the city the smell of cajun food and the sound of jazz excited all my senses! ..little streets with "frenchy" terraces ...little ol' black men playing when the saints go marching on big gold horns ..Jazzy jazzy, this was the place for me! Our big redneck truck was a little much for the streets so we ditched it right away and set out to see the sites! Our first stop was "JamBOlayas" where their waiter pulled us in off the street for "authentic LA. cookin" and the spiciest bloody mary I've ever poured across my toungue ...i liked the look of the place ..mirrors on every wall (ohh la la!) We toured around the city in and out of shops till we came to one of the top 5 aquariums in the US!!! We had to go in BECAUSE I LOVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WATER!!! It was fascinating ...I've always wanted to go to a big aquarium my whole life and that wish was fulfilled on this trip! We ended up at Pat O'Briens piano bar ...and if you ever get a chance to go do not pass it up ...these 2 ladies had some real talent and belted out every show tune I could come up with while playing the keys like nothing i'd ever heard before ...I was star struck ...we stayed there for at least 6 hours ...it doesn't take long till those hurricanes (slurricanes) hit you ...the bathroom attendant (Monica, love you sister!) knew me well ...so well, I started carting her drinks to the bathroom! LOL! I get drunk AND SOCIABLE! What can I say! She alerted me when it was 4 oclock ( i thought it surely must be 10 by now) and suggested I slow down ...NOT ME! I'M ON VACATION!! WHOOO HOOO! By 6oclock I had met the girls at the table behind me and we were a nuisance to the whole bar ...They suggested we try out some of the other bars (lost track of time now) so I followed them out ...not before buying 2 Patty glasses to take back home ...them bad girls got us drunk and stole our glasses ...BAH-HUMP-Bug! BAD GIRLS! ...and don't try to make them eyes at me again. hmmp! The rockstar and I decided our fun filled day was over (once our glasses) were gone and tried to find the truck ...but not before a palm reading ...freaky stuff ..she said to tell all of you to stop reading this trash and get back to work!

boss coming. gtg. brb.


Everyone's a star today! I missed ya'll so much! We had a blast in New Orleans but it is GOOD TO BE BACK! After I catch up here and collect my thoughts I will tell you alllll about it -I know you're dying to hear!! hee hee hee! B.R.B *Hey ...Maybe I'll even post some pics today!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Blah, Blah, Blah

This week has flown by and its hard to believe that I haven't posted since Tuesday. I tried several times and either had nothing to type about or was inturrupted mid-sentence (damn, I hate how I am suppose to actually work at WORK) so here I am. I must say, this has been an extremely productive week for me. My desk is nearly cleared except for those things that I choose to put off until they go away and I feel as though I got more accomplished this past week than any other week in the past year. Why is this? Well, since SS decided to move in with Rockstar and I don't get to monopolize her time like I use to, the work day is a big part of our time together. With the use of email and instant messaging, I am all but a click away from whatever topic or question of the moment. I am not complaining by any means, this steady interaction has a way of making the work day shorter and I cannot tell you how many times a day, I laugh outloud due to something silly that she said or typed. It is a good thing that I am in a small office with very few others around. Otherwise, I'm sure they would have either had cameras installed or forced me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

So, since I've been ever so productive this week, I decided I would take today and only do things which I must so I will have time to blog and just clean my office. I really need to do something about the bread crumbs in my keyboard and the dust collecting on my shelves. I had this intention when I woke up this morning...then things went to hell. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was late yet again today. Today, it was 20 minutes past time to come in and of course...Boss was here to give me hell about it. Today being Friday and me being already as full as his shit as I can take, I spout something off which I usually wouldn't. It was an ugly mess and I would have much rather just walked out the door than listened to that crap yet again. In 5 years time, I have been late at least 200 times, if he was going to fire me over it then he would have by now. "If your not going to fire me over it, jackass then just leave me the hell alone!" Of course I didn't say this but man...I should have. I am not an "on time" person and will never claim to be. If I was hired solely to be on time, then I'm afraid they are not getting their monies worth. I'm salary, I don't punch it and I put in much more than my 40, whats the big deal? So, after the discussion that "I'm a supervisor and should set a good example," the same one I've heard at least a dozen times, he leaves. Blah, blah, fucking blah!

I am just glad this week is over and next week, SS will be back so I can go back to being almost totally unproductive...but at least I'll be on time! Well, maybe...I will try at least.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Rollin' with the Rockstar

Good Morning! ..And Happy V-Day! I'm feeling in a little funk today ...knowing how I will miss all of you this week:( ...It seems my rockstar boyfriend is loading us up for a road trip as we speak! Whooo Hooo! We leave for New Orleans in the morning for fine dining and dancing ...MOSTLY DINING! I love seafood! I'm really super psyched about the trip ...and we're taking the "very cool super fast bike"...so i can look cool as a cucumber cruising the strip!! ...I've never been to New Orleans ...and what a perfect Valentines! Is anyone familiar with the area? Where should I go first?

So much for big expectations!

Saturday night was to be the big night! My return to the bar scene after I decided to settle down and have a baby. I couldn't wait to go, I went shopping for a cute little shirt, borrowed shoes from SS, showered, shaved, primped and polished, anticipating my night of fun! I called a girlfriend of mine to make the 40 minute trip with me as I was to meet SS and the other party-girls there. We were going up a little early so we could get started sooner...I couldn't wait to get my drink on and get on the dance floor. So, we arrive before the other girls and find a place to park. "Oh wait," I say, "I can't find my wallet!" Apparently my sweet little baby girl took it out of my purse! So, now I'm downtown, ready to party and I can't get in because I have neither my ID or any cash. I should have taken this as a sign to just go home and call it a night, but NO DAMMIT....this was to be my night! I wanted to party! So, after another hour and 20 minutes, we were at our destination with my ID in hand, we made our way to the club to meet up with SS and the girls. The thing was, there was NOWHERE to dance! After sucking down two drinks I was more than ready to get my groove on and the only decent bar didn't have a dance floor and the others had one about as big as my half bath! It was miserable, we couldn't move, we couldn't breath...had their been a fire, we would have all surely been trampled to death. I could look over all of this had I had a freakin' inch to move, so I could have danced to at least ONE song, but no, it was not in the cards for me this particular night.

I was tired, I wanted to go home, I was cold and my feet hurt...damn I sound old! What has happened to all the good times? I made it home by 3 am, no buzz left at all and just wanting to hit the sheets before the baby's 6am wake-up call. To top it off, I felt like crap all day, I had a headache and just wanted to stay in bed.

Am I getting old? Is this an official end to my bar days? I don't even care to be dancing ON the bar anymore, I would just settle for shakin' my ass on the dance floor and I couldn't even get that! I honestly can't remember EVER having a night like this in all of my bar days...and there were MANY of them. Maybe I'm growing up? I doubt that, but I do feel my bar-hoppin' days ending slowly and it makes me sad. I knew it wouldn't be the same and that is fine...I'd rather stay out of trouble these days but I just didn't expect to be so miserable. Maybe its for the best that I didn't have any fun? Maybe that'll keep me from going back and getting myself in trouble as in the past? Who knows! All I know is right at this moment, I don't care if I ever go back!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Obey My Commands!!!

LOL ...I was just here at my desk thinking about my 10th Christmas and it made me laugh so hard I had to share with you. ...I don't know what prompted this thought ..I've never thought of it before ...but when I get off work I'm calling my mom to let her know how much that one year frustrated me.

It's no secret to those who know me ...that I grew up poor ...REALLY POOR! My mom was the greatest ...she loved us with every ounce of everything she had and tried to make the best of whatever we had ...but truth be known ...we didn't have a pot to pee in (it was a bucket lined with a garbage bag!! hee hee hee)

I really wanted a computer that year ...it was the only thing in the whole world I wanted. ...I knew it was way out of our reach ...and when you grow up poor you stop believing in santa early.

I woke up Christmas morning anticipating disappointment (rotton brat, who anticipates disappointment??) and much to my surprise ...there was a computer under the tree ...or as close as I could come to one that year ...my mother bought a keyboard for me and hooked it up to a busted up black and white tv ...gave me a book of commands and made me believe I could do all the stuff anyone else could do with that right there. ...Bless her heart ...I love'er for it ...but I spent a year in front of that tv thinking it was my inablility to "command" ...not my "computer"

I'm a pretty happy kid these days (alcohol induced of course) ...but I have to say that I am very very affected by the events of my childhood **strawberrie shakes head and smiles**

What Would You Do for an Arbor Mist?

Obviously ...there's not much I wouldn't do for an alcoholic bevy ...people, I took my clothes off for a t-shirt sat. night ...A FLIPPING T-SHIRT! (I'm still embarrassed for me)

Remember those old Arbor Mist commercials? "What would you do for an arbor mist" ...me neither, but I remember the slogan;) Totally irrelevent ...don't know where I was headed with this ...reminiscing, I guess and we drank Arbor Mist last night;)

I think I have the perfect V-Day planned for all you boys still scrambling for ideas!! I watched the greatest chick flick ever last night. ...The Notebook ...ahhhh ...I had read the book, because I missed the release at the cinemas ...it was awesome and I have waitted a whole year for this movie to be released to my little ol' hometown video connection. She will be putty in your hands after watching this ...either that, or complain that you are nothing like him and why aren't you;) I suggest renting the movie and picking up some wine ...or if you're feeling extra romantic buy her the book and read it together aloud (on silky sheets! Ohh la la). The rockstar and I started reading in bed every night (ok most nights!) a year ago ...it's soothing to hear his voice at bedtime. Whatever the case, watch the movie or read the book ..I can't say enough!

I haven't visited this site yet ...apparently someone is selling/giving away instant love songs for your sweetie! Visit instasong.com today ...I think you can play around and create different songs till you find one that fits ..not real sure as I have not been there.

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I originally posted this in November ...but like to read about our good times anytime! ..besides I don't have anything else to type about today and it's Rainbows turn anyway;) Happy Reading! Seems kind of funny now ...I whined in November that I never see my friend excitement anymore ...never know when your luck will changer Master;)

I wonder sometimes if all our good times set us up for a fall. Like a barronness loosing the Lebaron. We have surely shared some unbelieveable nights (and days) No one would ever believe all the tales and I am sure no one ever partied like that before us and no one will ever do it again. I am so thankful for my average life but ..at the same time feel a certain resentment to it. I am grateful for days without drama but, secretly somewhere inside, would like to create it. Why do we always desire what we can no longer have. Why is growing up so torture-ess? I long for just 2 weeks. Just two more weeks of living ...not life ...but living like we used to. Going out, or even better, getting ready to go out together! Turning all the boys heads and turning the down ...or on. Taking shots and shaking our size 4 a**es on bars ...falling off bars ...Sympathy sex because it's going to keep your best friend out of trouble or because she's already in trouble. I miss partying till the break of dawn and eating waffle house ...or better yet ..starting bar fights in waffle house;) 8 girls in a toyota corolla, burritos as big as your head, taking it to the house and pretending to be super heros. Riding topless, wine and better chedders ...watching friends ...kissing friends ...not being friends ...I miss it all. I want to laugh till I'm laughing so hard you can no longer hear me. Soccer games in the rain, dirty movies in the dark ...drive-ins and ants in your dip, falling off bars and throwing up in cars ..throwing up neon green in the car;) ...How do you find contentment in an average life. I miss my friends and my crazy life. ..before it was so comfortable and predictable. When everyday was an adventure ...even the school days were cool! There was always so much to laugh about and an outrageous story you wish you could tell but knew you couldn't. I'm thankful for my life and wouldn't give it up for anything ...but I long for the good ol' days and not being such a good ol' girl..

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

On losing Inhibitions...

I partied like a rockstar ALL WEEKEND (whoo hooo!) ..which led me to a very unproductive Monday. Thank goodness for the healing properties of tomato juice and fat tuesday;)

Saturday night I went out with the rockstars friends girlfriends ...they are ...really not in my circle so I wasn't expecting to have a "great night" ...and maybe I was trying to over-compensate with large amounts of alcohol ...I am usually such a safety citizen ...especially when visiting bars ...I come from a devout Christian family who preached against bars and drunkards ever since I can remember ...do you know there is nothing a drunkard won't do (I DO NOW MOMMA!) Honestly ...I have never been one to accept drinks from strangers and always over analyze everyones motives. (NOT ANYMORE!) I'm pretty sure I drank everything that was handed to me ...and some stuff that wasn't (YUCK!) There were so many men I had never met before ...just buying us drinks ...IT WAS GREAT! These girls were, surprisingly, a blast!

At some point during the night I became involved in a shadow box contest ...still not sure who elected me?? 1st place one a bar tab and the other 3 contestants got a free t-shirt for participating. ...In retrospect, Im pretty sure I had no business with a bar tab ...but ...at that time ...I really wanted/needed to win this!! I remember when the music started dancing very seductively ..as I imagined the other girls were too ...I had to do something to stand out Apparently whoever received the loudest applause from the audience would win the bar tab ...and i heard him say "yellow box" ...of course, the crowd went wild ...this was not me;) Blue box, more applause ..this was not me either;) ....Red box, ...ummm where is red box ..."honey we can't see you ...I think red box is enjoying herself more than we are" THIS WAS ME! I was on the floor rolling around doing God only knows what and I had rolled so far away from the box that they could no longer see what I was doing ...THANK GOODNESS! I did win a t-shirt and grabbed the mc's private area to pull myself up on the stage to receive my "award" ...LOL, what a drunkard won't do;)

After that fiasco I decided to try out the kara-me-oke bar ...honestly, I don't know which was worse ...the shadow box or the singing I did ....really, I shouldn't comment any further on this...

By the end of the night I don't think any of us could walk, let alone drive so ...I was forced to call the rockstar away from the "gentlemens club" to pick us up. I'm sure when he pulled up he realized what a "treasure" he was taking home;) It was a long long night full of rockNroll, alcohol and freaky leaky love;) ...I was just sorry Rainbow was not there to enjoy it with me:(

Friday, February 04, 2005

No More Nekkidness!

In keeping with the adult theme that seems to be prevelent today, I just have to talk about what is going on in the big city nearby. The Louisville Metro Council is intent on regulating adult businesses in town, namely strip clubs. It seems that after March 1, the following will be law in L'ville, taken from their website...

"Here’s what the ordinance would do: prohibit nudity at all establishments with only semi-nudity being allowed; prohibit alcohol on premises that have semi-nude dancing and require a 500-foot buffer from an establishment serving alcohol with existing legal businesses being allowed to continue to operate through state law as a non-conforming use; create a uniform hours of operation for adult entertainment businesses (9 a.m. to 1 a.m); and rewrite about 25 percent of the existing adult entertainment regulations to ensure that they withstand a court challenge."

So, for the poor girls whose livelihood depended on getting naked and getting tips, it seems they will need to look for other work. From what I have heard, even those establishments that do not serve alcohol still they are not really allowed to be topless, the girls must still wear pasties. How many men (or women) would be into watching someone dance around in her bikini? This is crazy and surely to end the career of more than a few people! Oh and no more touching the girls, even to give a tip...there must now be a tip jar on the stage. WTH! Oh, and forget couch dances, those are a thing of the past in L'ville. Honestly, what is wrong with the girl getting a little touchy/feely just to make a few extra bucks?

So, if you live in the Louisville area, be prepared to drive a bit to get your nekkid girl fix cause it ain't happenin' around these parts anymore and I must say, I think it is complete and utter b*s! What do you think?

Bloginalilty Quiz Time!

Yet ANOTHER QUIZ...sorry but I found this one in my spare time (who am I kidding, today is Friday, it's been spare time all day long) and since it has to do with blogging, I thought I would share with my fellow bloggers. I know you guys love'em!

My Bloginality is ENTP!!!

So, my Bloginality is....

As an ENTP, you are Extraverted, iNtuative, Thinking, and Perceiving.
This makes your primary focus on Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Thinking.

This is defined as a NT personality, which is part of Carl Jung's Rational (Knowledge Seeking) type, and more specifically the Inventors or Visionary

As a weblogger, your love for a discussion may cause you to debate things more often. You might also flit from idea to idea, not completing one before going to the next. Your largest sense is intution, which makes you a good at understanding what is going on around you - and this could act to your benefit when making blog-like posts over a journal.


It's freaky friday, Friday! Whoo Hoo! Just let me say I woke up feeling like a rockstar today! I'm so super psyched for the week-end to be rolling in;) Things were totally uneventful at my house last night ...the rockstar stood over me and made me right out 3 checks to 2 different states and the Feds got one as well ...so I'm left with little cash ...but the weight has been lifted ...and it feels pretty good! I spent last night playing Happy Homemaker ...how come you never saw June with a glass of wine? What a gal;) We had a good night together... Minus ONE BAD KITTY!

I must be completely honest and tell you how much I dislike our kitty. She is so totally schitzo! I'm pretty sure she is on crack ..and I'm not so sure that she isn't doing something to our toothbrushes. I know everyone thinks I am a baby overbehaving (again) and over exagerating the story (again) ...but I am not kidding ...she is crazy. Visitors watch her skit about the house in awww ...they just stand their jaw dropped and all ...and finally ask "what's wrong with your kitty" ...She is so hyper ...which is what I get ...aren't your pets supposed to take your form ...OKAY ...but no one has prescribed her any ridelen ...AND SHE'S NOT GETTING MINE! She pee's on my sweaters, eats my dinner and tries to drink my wine "YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY WINE" She steals my scruchies (in my hair or out ...doesn't matter) attacks me all hours day and night ...and is very competitive for my rockstars attention ...all in all ...i just really dislike her. ...So I sent her away ...She is at the vets for the next 2 days ...I'm having her shot, spayed and neutered ...and while she's there I'm having her searched for weapons ...I'm pretty sure she's packin a switch blade. ...this cat get's up enough speed to run down our walls ...sideways! CAN YOUR CAT DO THAT? no... i didn't think so ...just mine ...I'm sure we're the only ones harboring "Super Kitty".

What really irritates me ...is I don't like her ...but she's mine and I have to keep her ...that's fine ...but I'm having to spend my hard earned dollars today on this broad ...$200 to be exact ..then the vet suggests I spend an additional $9 for pain meds! HA! Shes getting NOTHING! CAll me cruel ..but it serves her right for all she puts me thru ...very traumatic people. I'll probably get her home and stick needles in her paws ..just for kicks! NO MEDS! She's such a lush anyway ...I'm not sure painkillers and wine mix well ...don't want to over-medicate, now do we? Hmmm ..that gives me a thought ..maybe I will buy the meds (evil laugh)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Build a Mate...

What are important traits in a mate ...I mean beyond being a super sexy porn star;) If you could build your perfect date ....what kind of characteristics would she/he have to have?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fund Raisers

I have a challenge for everyone ...Greg from "The California Hammonds" (http://www.californiahammonds.com/index.php) blog is raising cookies for cancer patients. I bought my box in support of his journey and desire to help others. Greg lost his wife to Breast Cancer not long ago. Please join me in supporting this effort ...i bought my box ...I challenge everyone to visit his site and get their box too (it's the least we can do) As a reward to all do-gooders ...Rainbow will visit their home and perform o*** s** ...now get going;)

Happy Un-Healthy Hump Day!

I will keep this short today ...as I am suffering from DT's this morning. I had a really fab night celebrating my big raise ...the rockstar cooked the best pasta I have ever eaten ...still worried about what I ate, but it tasted good ...HE NEVER COOKS , I LOVE TO EAT! ...I picked up some blackberry wine from Hubers winery and the rockstar introduced me to Jager Bombs ...this is where you mix red bull and Jagermeister together ...It's supposed to taste like Dr. Pepper or cherry coke ...I just think it tastes like Nyquil ...not very good stuff ...but the buzz was nice;)

Let's see ...to recap ...I remember eating pasta ...playing every cd in our whole collection and dancing like a nut ...nothing super cool ...obviously;) I did call rockstars mom and try to convince her I was a superstar and she should feel fortunate I even associate with her family ...she hung up on me (apparently American Idol was more entertaining than moi') ...I called rainbow ...OH ...and remember that not so hot racing boy I had a super big crush on? ...Apparently (according to caller id) He called yesterday while I was at work ...so, of course, I should call him back ...WHILE I AM DRUNK! ...didn't really go over well ...girlfriend thinks I'm nuts now ...but somehow we're going out with them on Sat. night ...I LOVE TO PARTY!

This morning took huge effort on my part (and a call from rockstars mom) to get out of bed ...after another stupid jager bomb I felt like I could move...

Things are back to normal now ...rockstar was his same smart a** self this morning and all I have is a memory of dancing in the kitchen to Charlie Richs' old "behind closed doors" song ...those are the little things that hold us together ...As we were getting ready this morning I ran into the bedroom ...the man being interviewed on tv sounded strangely familiar ...rockstar exclaimed ..."should've known you would know him ...he's over 60" ...now it's no secret I develop insane crushes/like to date older men but ...was that necessary? He said "I'm surprised you date me ...I guess I'm the only bf you've ever had that isn't collecting social security and a pension for you" WTF?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Poor Strawberrie...

I do everything fast …rush rush rush everything. On Jan 1st I filed my taxes ….On Jan 31st I received a W2 and 2 additional 1099’s …WTF??? I was livin’ high on my $3,600 return …that was until I filed my amended return last night. …which put me into a higher tax bracket and yanked my $3,600 return away …pooh! I have to mail these losers a check now …I blame this whole ordeal on the rockstar …he handles things way differently than I would. He is the person who discovered this oversight …by allowing him to go to the post office 1 DAY …ONE DAY PEOPLE ..he destroyed my bountiful return ….Now …had I went to the post office ..things would be different today ….because if I had been the receiver of those LATE documents I would have tossed them aside and let them try again next year. …Just because I do things different …doesn’t make’em wrong ..it just makes ‘em different. He’s always so scared of “the man” …He actually believes I’d go to jail for my she-nan-i-gans ….WTF? He’s so different these days …talks about things like maturity and taking responsibilities for my actions …HELLO! …take your own trip …I’ll wait here …and probably won’t grow up in the time your gone. I’m coping a little better today ...only after my “lunch date” with Rainbow …a bottle of Reisling and soaking in a candlelit bathtub. I do like my life a little… and I love to PAMPER ME!