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Wednesday, June 22, 2005



I have to tell you all the juicy details that you DO NOT want to know. Last night **hot boy** and I met up with some of my friends/some of his for supper and bowling. We had a really great time but after leaving the bowling allyI needed a shower to get all the smoke out of my hair (bowling alley's smell!!!) ...when I got out he asked me if I wanted to sleep in his bed (never been there before) ...and after sleeping on his super uncomfy couch I jumped at the chance! You all know we've been kissing ALOT ...weeeeelllll ...the kisses took a trip ....sort of ....ummm ...south last night!!!! You all would soooooooooooooooooooo not believe how awesome he is ...which i totally DID NOT expect (see last weeks post) I really really like that ...but boys tend to always make a mess of it ...not Big Timmy Ohh La La though ...he was so sweet and gentle and "attentive" to all the right places!! YIKES!!! I'm all giddy like a school girl today!! Absolutely smitten...

**On a side note -I bowled the absolute worst game of my life last night -after I trash talked about my crazy mad bowling skills -I was embarrassed** **But not half as embarrassed as I was when I made my mad dash for the bedroom door (I'm such a spitter) and ran into the wall ...I couldn't laugh or say anything ...My mouth was full **pure embarrassment**

Friday, June 17, 2005

Pishy 101

I've been day dreaming all day ...(really, ALLLL DAY) ...about everything and nothing ...and then I came across this thought. **Cute Boy** and I have went out a couple of times and I've even spent the night at his house ...we broke down last week and did some heavy kissing (that was nice ...reeeeeal nice!) I'm in no way ready to have s-e-x with him. However, if the opportunity were right ...I'm probably allow him to venture furthur south with his lovely little lips. ...So, here's my dilemma ....oral sex has become somewhat of a big deal to me ...after having someone finally show me how it's supposed to work I want it to work like that all the time. Now ...do I:

a) Let nature run it's course -And by that I mean, let him show me what he can do ...ultimately leaving me disappointed and having to go through a very uncomfortable "this is how I'd like it done in the future speech..."


b) Address the issue now and avoid any long sloppy unsatisfying sex. I mean ..is it polite to say "When you do this I'd like you to..."

I feel like if I tell him what I expect (like) first then I will avoid and uncomfortable situation, but ...I also ruin his chance to "show off" ...what if he really knows what he's doing (unlikely, most boys dont) ..but what if he does? I know it's a petty little thing ...and may not ever even be an issue ..maybe i'm just jumpin' the gun or wishful thinking... whatever the case ..what do you think?


"...Now wait a minute things don't look too familiar" I had too much tequila last night!

The "Gimp Girls" were out in full force last night! Sooou-Weeee! Last night was Rainbows official initiation! Red rover, Red rover -we won Rainbow over! **We are hoping to make you one of us now** (we left a tape in your truck!) I'm pretty lucky to be in such a cool club;)

After a long night at the "country club" ...I went home with one of my best good girlfriends. We talked and giggled for what seems to be forever (you'll have that with girls) ...tickled backs and fell asleep (commonly referred to as passing out)

When I woke up this morning **friend** looks over at me and says:

"I was a little wigged out when I woke up last night and found you staring at me" LOL


She says "Yes, Really ...it's ok ...I'm over it now ...I just thought it was kind of strange" hee hee hee

This is funny! ...Initially I had no recollection ..just relying on her accounts of the night! I felt like a total loser. What would possess me to wake up and stare at my friend sleeping? That's like weird stalker boyfriend stuff. Then I remembered vaguely (very vaguely) waking up kind of startled and ...disoriented ...I remember having no earthly idea where I was. I've never slept in her room before. I imagine I was trying to figure out who I'd went home with, but more importantly, why my pants were still on!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


This morning I received this:

Thu, 16 Jun 2005 06:18:35 EDT
(no subject)

Hello **my name**. I have been working around the clock this week i got home at 2:00 am this morning. but even with all this work you are still on my mind. i wish you would call me. I can't call you since you blocked me. I will have my phone with me all the time and i will be working day or night so you can call when ever is convenient. If you don't wanna alright. but we said when you moved that we would talk about all the things that we should have done. its not too late for us, is it? I just don't want us to make the biggest mistake of our lives because of our pride. i love you. j
HOW DO I RESPOND TO THIS? Had I not received Fridays emails I might have fallen for this ...but he definitely should'a got his game plan together before he started playing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


From the looks of my inbox it appears the rockstar would now like to have his cake and eat hers too... NOT A CHANCE SUCKER! THIS BAKERY IS CLOSED!

Codking54: Hello **My name** ....... How is your day going

S.S: Long and Hard. …How would you prefer I send you my insurance payment? In the mail or would you like to pick it up?

Codking54: well at least you are finally getting something long and hard.....well i will be in e town tommorrow working.. but i am sure that you will be down at your sis's lake house since it is the weekend and all. plus i am sure that you don't want to have to see me anyway. so you can send it if you want....i would rather see you though

S.S: not funny codking ..it's been tough. ...and i've missed you and surely paid for anything I have ever done wrong to you. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow so we're not going down till Sunday, but I'd say we'll be at the wedding most of the night. ..it doesn't start till 4.

...What are you trying to say J. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want me ..you want all of me ..the highs and the lows. ...but you can't call me hither everytime you take a notion. It doesn't work like that for me. Love me or let me go.

Codking54: i am not sure how you meant that last one to sound....cause it sounded to me like your not hating as much today. and your right, i would love some cake and Eat it too.

S.S: I will put a check in the mail today for $60. I will have to mail you the other $40 early next week. I have never hated you. Only wanted to be loved in return.

...And This bakery is closed. You'll have to go to walmart.

Codking54: but i like the speacialty store....walmart only has the generic stuff that everybody else uses. if you need to send less you can...i am gettting a pretty good check this week, well next week cause this week was only two days...but i will have six on the next on. are you sure that you don't wanna stop by tonight ....and let me look over your shelves and indulge myself with some sweets

SS: You need to go to lane 2 sir. We don't sell commodities here.

Codking54: well thats a shame cause i was gonna be a big spender

SS: .all i ever wanted was you to spend on our home. I was your girl.

Codking54: did **my daughter** ask you to come over the other night

S.S: she did ..but ...i can't do that anymore. It hurts me too much ..and i'm ..just better than that.

Friday, June 10, 2005


As I ws cleaning my purse today I was suddenly very thankful that I don't fly alot. For among the contents I found these things:

1. a wine corker

2. A pair of "used" thongs

3. Immodium AD (for the girl on the "go" -no relation to the the panties -stictly coincidental

4. A razor (for mid day stubble)

5. Sulfacetamide Sodium Solution

Thursday, June 09, 2005


...Do you remember last week when the sales associate at Dillards told me not to buy the outfit I had tried on cause it made me look "short and fat" ...well ...I BOUGHT IT! I went to a different store across town and bought the exact same thing. It's just so darn cute -I don't care if it makes me look 300 lbs.!

Well maybe her blantant disregard of my feelings was a sign... because I bought the outfit Tuesday night and wore it to work on Wednesday ....by 10 am I realized this shirt was ripping at the seams and half my fatty patty side was hanging out ...so ...me not wanting to "show skin" all day at work ...prompted me to drive back to the dillards with the devil that told me I'm too fat to wear the shirt in the first place. WTF?

I don't know about you but I have never went to a store to exchange something I was actually wearing. ..so there I am at the counter (with the devil girl) and say:

ME: I have sort of a strange request **picture really embarrassed face** -I bought this shirt last night and I wore it to work today and now it has this huge hole in the side and ~I'd like to exchange it now. (GOSH! THAT WAS EMBARRASSING)

Now I figured with the history she and I have together she'd say:

DEVIL: I told you not to buy it fatty! Now stop eating or go to the misses dept!

But she said **with smirk on face**

DEVIL: Yes ~ that is a strange request. You'll need to see someone in customer service.

MAN! So then I had to tell the whole story again... However, I did exchange the shirt and will never be back in that particular dillards again ...at least for 2 weeks (I LOVE THEIR SHOES!!)

...and speaking of shoes ...I totally bought some sexy saucy heels that strap around the ankle and this hot hot dress to wear to my wedding this weekend! I'VE GOT TO POST SOME PICS HERE!

**See shoes here:

**And I'm wearing them with this:


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My week-In a Nutshell

This'll have to be fast ...there's just too many skillets in the fire today and somethins a burnin'!

It's been a long week already here at work ...today I have on the loudest flip flops ever ...a definite firing is unavoidable ..these people hate me and my dirty jeans and tank top i had to wear today ...I dressed it up with a bright yellow blazer! (definitely not regulation dress code) ...But, my weekend was fine!!! Saturday my sister and I drove down to Owensboro for a wedding shower ...IN A BAR! People this is a concept worth persuing! It was the coolest couples shower ever and everyone had a great time ...better yet, the hostess' were free to enjoy the festivities as the bartender was catching the slack! Congrats Brookie -hope you liked that 1/2 empty bottle of lambrusco -I do my best!! Enjoy!

oh wait!! Let me back up! You will not believe my Friday night!! I was looking forward to spending it with my daughter, neices and nephew. I had planned lots of little activities and fun stuff for us to do/make around the house ...it just so happens, mr. hottie himself was also looking for fun things to do! Turns out we had 5 kids that night and a ton of fun. ...And he asked me out!! I don't know if I'm going ...but it was neat to know he, at least, liked me! **Now, back to my situps**

Sunday I was supposed to babysit my sisters 3 dollies while she went to model for an agency in Louisville... Turns out my brother-in-law, me and the hottie loaded up the 5 kids for a day at the lake (man.. that boy's cute!) ***The Rope, The Rope ***The Rope is on Fire! I did everything I tried with that silly little wakeboard on Sunday -FOLLOWED BY FACE PLANT AFTER FACE PLANT AFTER BATHING SUIT BEING RIPPED OFF AFTER FACE PLANT! I SUCK AT THIS SOOOOOO BAD! ...Do you see why I enjoy water sports so much? Turns out my walmart bathing suit has not been rated to withstand extreme forces... Better luck next time ...in the mean time ..."Timmy Williamson, will you help me get this thing off -OOPS! I MEAN ON! I REALLY MEAN ON!!!"

Friday, June 03, 2005


ummm ...I think it's time I focus on a "weight management program" (don't say the "d word") ...This weekend my sister and I have a wedding shower to go to in Owensboro. And every girl knows, every road trip is accompanied by a trip to the mall for new clothes;) So ...My first (and last) stop is Dillards. I gather up several outfits that I think will make me look HOTT HOTT HOTT ..and i'm off to the fitting rooms. I have these cute little "flowy" pants on and a pretty cute shirt and I step out of the fitting room to check my reflection in the big 3-D mirror when one of the saleswoman stops in ...I simply asked "what do you think of this" ...and she replys: "Wellllll ....honestly I think it makes you look shorter than you already are and ...ummmmm ....a bit chunky, but... THAT'S WHEN I SAID ..."NO! Really, that's enough ..that's all I needed to hear" ....Now ...what in the world ...fatty patty's packin' a few extra pounds in the round ...but what possessed her to be so brutally honest? She's sales! She's supposed to be positive ..you know ..boost me up! Make me buy! ...I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when all the sales girls are so mean to her.


On a totally unrelated note, I had the most fabulous hollie-day week-end "bustin' mad tricks on the wakeboard" (LOL, quote from a conversation I overheard around the campfire. Hal's Cute!) I really enjoyed the time with my family and friends and being in the water again. ...when I come back to this place, I'M COMIN' BACK AS A FISH! I LOVE THE RIVER ...and Timmy Williamson! My brother-in-law has the cutest friend that I have ...just never paid much attention to ...in due, partly, to the fact that ...I always thought he was way cooooler than me ..you know, sort of ..out of my league. We talked quite a bit this weekend ...and drank waaaay to much tequila ....I LOVE TEQUILA!! I have developed a crazy crush for this boy! Why!! Why!! Why!! ...I wonder about me sometimes! He totally DOES NOT know it ...nor does he realize I have done 300 situps everyday since then to work off all the "fatty patty patties" McDonalds has been selling me this winter ...FOR HIM! I call it "my tribute to timmy" ...LOL! Crushes are fun, aren't they? I totally did not want to move to fast ...but Sunday morning ...We slept together. ...Okay ..now that I have your attention;) ...It was the only place left (we have very "humble" accomodations) at the lake;) ...we ended up sleeping on an air mattress TOGETHER!! I was so tired when I feel asleep I didn't think anything of it ..I believe I was asleep by the time he got there ...but Monday morning his foot touched mine and it made me shiver with delight!!! A FREAKING FOOT MADE ME SHIVER! There is already something very perverse about this. I realized I better high-tail it up outta there before his sock came off! Soooouuuu-WEEEEE!