Out of Character

Just two friends, sharing, laughing and remembering...Good Times!

Friday, June 30, 2006


I'm pretty well sure I have taken "sleep deprivation" to a whole new level this week... Is it really possible to go so strong with so little sleep? We have run-it-ragged this week and 4 days of river fun, sun and apple martinis is sounding more like an all-inclusive Keys Resort vacation!

I'm so tired now that Mon & Tuesday are a little blurry, but I'm sure it all went straight to hell on Wednesday. R.B. and I started painting the living room at 6:30pm ...right after work. The yellow paint we chose, once on the wall, had a shock factor of ..oh ....10! -Ranked right up there with steamy poo on the stairs Tuesday ...Yeah ...B-A-D! At 10 o'clock we were at walmart picking new colors ...we had to re-paint the whole living room TWICE! Finished about 1:45, was asleep by 1:46 and woke up at 5:30 to come back to work. However, the "family room" is a very nice "happy yellow" now.

Yesterday was "Thirsty Thursday" ...Need I say More. Thanks Dirtee!

-I'm totally running on EMPTY today! And a walking, talking fashion faux paus ...Somehow, after 4 hours sleep, I thought it might be ok to wear sweats and heels to work -LOL! ..they don't REALLY look like your typical everyday sweats ..but that's what they are!! ...I realized what a dumb a-ess-ess I look like after I had my 4 cups of coffee!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


The Gods must be …pissed off as hell! No REALLY! I’m pretty sure they’re plotting against me! My Karma has been …all “mucked up” lately and life in general …fairly traumatizing!

I work in a city with a large number of "vagrants" …Just walking the street on a day to day basis. Very colorful people …I don’t know where they come from or where they go …they’re just here. There’s a rumor that Louisville buses them over in the morning to keep them off their streets during daylight hours ((who comes up with this stuff)) None the less, they’re here. No- I mean like RIGHT HERE! Yesterday one just happened to find his way into my office -frantically seeking out "facilities" -I'm usually pretty nice, but this guy took me by surprise and he had CRAZY IN HIS EYES! I told him we did not have a public restroom …I know that’s bad ..but he scared me! I just wanted him to go away! I suggested he may try downstairs. But, I’m thinking now maybe he thought I said “use the stairs” He walked straight out and chose to defecate in our hallway on the stairs. RIGHT THERE ON THE FREAKING STAIRS PEOPLE! ...It was B-A-D! -I just can't imagine a grown man pulling his pants down and squatting on the stairs **shakes head in disbelief**

Now, I’ve ran this over and over in my head and tried to validate this mans behavior …and I just can’t. Even if the urge just over-took you and there was no where to go …any normal person would have soiled themselves! Not popped a squat on someone steps …He did that out of shear MEAN-NESS!

I'm anxious to hear though... Because it's totally a pride issue ...There is NO WAY I could "GO" in a wide open, no privacy, public place. ..but how about you ...do you "pop the squat" or "panty poop"

Monday, June 26, 2006

Smokey and The Bandit...

As you know R.B. and I have just recently pooled our resources and are now living under the same roof -the same roof as two teenagers that is! I guess somewhere along the way we lost all parental control and now our Holy Rollin' teenagers (because we taught them sooo well) now control us. -Have you ever tried to sneak out for a date with the "spy kids" on patrol -IT AIN'T EASY FOLKS! ...Not to mention when R.B's Husband was serving time over seas she felt compelled to have alarms installed (that alert anytime ANY door or window feels a slight breeze) and boobie trapped the whole house with motion detectors.

...let me back up. A week ago R.B. scored us a great date with two sailor boys who picked us up on their boat and wisked us away to this upscale restaurant on the river. After dinner (and many drinks) I suddenly had an urge for a cigarette -it's no secret I enjoy a good smoke just as much as the next smelly redneck -However, since none of us were avid smokers this proved to be most challenging. At some point our waitress offered up a "clove cigarette". -Which I now commonly refer to as the GREATEST CIGARETTE EVER! ~Djarum~

After much researching, driving and calling EVERY "SMOKE SHOP" In a 90 mile radius I scored a pack of these Djarum delights. My anxiety rose with every hour that passed, for the plan was to share my treasures with R.B. that very evening.

Project: Smokin' in the girls room FOILED AGAIN! The smokes were in the car, the lighter in my purse and the children on my case. UGGGH! ...Finally we made our break -out the back door. One kid in the shower and one on the phone. (where was the bb?) Like crack addicts huddled around a trash can we stood at the side of the house -the tension was to high -I couldn't light the match. I felt like a juvi again ...and what's even funnier is the couple across the street stretching their necks to see just what our secret was all about. -Two grown women sneaking to smoke. Can you imagine?

What's your guilty pleasure?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'll Be Back!

So alot has changed in a short short time. My relationship with the rockstar ..officially over ...my relationship with hot wakeboarding boy ...ummm ...mostly over ..but the river does cause you to do some silly things ((more on that later this summer)) **looks open minded** I am, after 9 months of employment at a cabinet concentration camp, back to work at **previous job** What can I say ...they totally woo'd me;) ...and the biggest, GREATEST, turn of events is that R.B. and I have decided to combine forces and moved all of my Grandmas chickens, syrup pourers and crystal salt spoons in with her collection of Dora "Can't do With-out-Ables" ...It's totally great! We have 3 bedrooms and 3 children ...then there's us ...the displaced (but able to afford cute shoes now!) moms! Stay tuned for some serious blogging! I have much to tell and the cabinet nazi's have held my typing fingers hostage for way to long!! **sips wine** I'm just getting started!